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Security News from 'Newser'
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The Worlds Biggest Digital Heist Is Ongoing
7th Jul 2018 [13 days ago] from Newser
A typhoon was winding down in Taipei on July 10, 2016, but two men braved the rain to make a surprise withdrawal from First Commercial Bank: stacks of bills that the ATM spat out without either man touching a button. They were two of 15...
Ex-CIA Worker Charged: He Utterly Betrayed This Nation
19th Jun 2018 [one month ago] from Newser
A former CIA employee was charged Monday with stealing classified national defense information from the agency that emerged publicly in March 2017, when WikiLeaks began releasing some of the CIAs hacking tools. Joshua Adam Schulte of Manhattan...
MSNBC Host Apologizes For Homophobic Blog Posts
28th Apr 2018 [3 months ago] from Newser
MSNBCs Joy Reid, under fire for homophobic language in old blog posts, apologized Saturday for any past comments that belittled or mocked the LGBTQ community and says she hasnt been able to verify her claim that her account was hacked,...
Atlantas Computers Held Hostage, With A $50K Ransom
27th Mar 2018 [4 months ago] from Newser
Atlanta is being held hostage, by computer hackers who want more than $50,000 in bitcoin to stop their siege. "This is much bigger than a ransomware attack, this really is an attack on our government," Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms said at...
He Was A Hacker Sent To China To Make Money For The North
14th Feb 2018 [5 months ago] from Newser
If the phrase "North Korean hacker" conjures up the image of someone sowing viruses or stealing secrets, Bloomberg Businessweek introduces a different type, a "foot soldier" given one very specific task: make money, and lots of it. With...
George W. Bush Counters Trump On Russian Meddling
8th Feb 2018 [5 months ago] from Newser
Former President George W. Bush said on Thursday that "theres pretty clear evidence that the Russians meddled" in the 2016 American presidential election, forcefully rebutting fellow Republican Donald Trumps denials of Moscow trying to...
Hacking Suspect Wont Be Sent To US Over Suicide Fears
5th Feb 2018 [6 months ago] from Newser
A 33-year-old British man who allegedly hacked into the FBI, NASA, and Federal Reserve and did millions of dollars worth of damage as a form of protest in 2012 and 2013 wont be stepping foot on US soil anytime soon. The High Court of London...
Jackpotting Thieves Hit US ATMs For First Time
29th Jan 2018 [6 months ago] from Newser
With just the press of a button, "cash out crews" have been attacking ATMs around the world, and now apparently in the US. Reuters reports that two big ATM makers, Diebold Nixdorf and NCR Corp., have issued warnings about the so-called...
65% Of DC Cameras Hacked Before Inauguration
29th Dec 2017 [7 months ago] from Newser
Romanian hackers infiltrated 65% of outdoor surveillance cameras in Washington, DC, ahead of President Trumps inauguration as part of an extortion scheme only now being made public, according to a criminal complaint. The complaint, filed...
20 Passwords Other Than 123456 You Should Avoid
19th Dec 2017 [7 months ago] from Newser
As Time points out, its been a banner year for hacks, from Equifaxs totally avoidable breach to Yahoos eventual admission that all 3 billion accounts were compromised. SplashData ran an analysis of some 5 million leaked passwords to come...
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