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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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SunTrust Banks Ex-employee May Have Stolen 1.5 Million Customer Records
23rd Apr 2018 [7 hours ago] from ZDNet
The former staff member is suspected of stealing customer data belonging to the financial company.
​Reported Breaches Not Painting Complete Picture Of Australian Security Landscape
22nd Apr 2018 [9 hours ago] from ZDNet
Although 63 data breaches were reported to the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner in less than six weeks, FireEyes Mandiant has warned the figure is higher, but organisations are unsure if their breach fits the brief.
A Regulation Straitjacket Is No Less Than Facebook And Everyone Else Deserves
22nd Apr 2018 [15 hours ago] from ZDNet
Facebook should be made an example of for failing to protect its users information, but it wont happen.
Why The US Federal Government Has Been Leaning Into The Cloud Since 2011
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
The cloud benefits of elasticity, scalability, and nimbleness were tailor-made for some of the massive and intermittent IT projects of the US government.
IBM: Fewer Records Are Being Breached, But Cyber Attacks Are Getting More Costly
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Incident response research from Big Blue offers surprising results, as hacks get more serious but defenders improve their tools and training. IBMs Wendi Whitmore explains.
How Your Company Can Measure Its Cyber Resilience And Evaluate Its Posture
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Non-profits ISACA and CMMI help companies score their cybersecurity readiness and create a gap analysis to get up to speed.
Smart Home Suites Match Up Devices For Security And Convenience
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Are you looking for ways to make your home smarter and safer? Then check out these hand-picked products. Theyre easy to use and overall good options if you dont know where to start.
Windows 10: Microsoft To Boost Linux App Security With Windows Defender Firewall
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Microsoft preps new Windows 10 security features to ensure system integrity during start-up and after its running.
Googles Project Zero Exposes Unpatched Windows 10 Lockdown Bypass
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
Google denies multiple requests by Microsoft for an extension to Project Zeros 90-day disclose-or-fix deadline.
Ransomware, Stolen Data Or Malware: How Do Online Crooks Really Make Their Money?
20th Apr 2018 [3 days ago] from ZDNet
The cybercrime economy has "now become a kind of mirror image of contemporary capitalism", says paper.
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