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Security News from 'Zeltser'
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Cyber Is Cyber Is Cyber
2nd Jun 2018 [17 days ago] from Zeltser
If youre in the business of safeguarding data and the systems that process it, what do you call your profession? Are you in cybersecurity? Information security? Computer security, perhaps? The words we use, and the way in which the meaning...
Communicating About Cybersecurity In Plain English
21st May 2018 [28 days ago] from Zeltser
Too often when we communicate with regular, non-technical people about IT and cybersecurity, we use language that virtually guarantees that our message will ignored or misunderstood. This is often a problem for information security and...
Technical Writing Tips For IT Professionals
7th May 2018 [one month ago] from Zeltser
This cheat sheet offers guidelines for IT professionals seeking to improve technical writing skills. To print it, use the one-page PDF version; you can also customize the Word version of the document. General Recommendations Determine...
Security Product Management At Large Companies Vs. Startups
9th Apr 2018 [2 months ago] from Zeltser
Is it better to perform product management of information security solutions at a large company or at a startup? Picking the setting thats right for you isnt as simple as craving the exuberant energy of a young firm or coveting the resources...
Practical Tips For Creating And Managing New Information Technology Products
21st Jan 2018 [5 months ago] from Zeltser
This cheat sheet offers advice for product managers of new IT solutions at startups and enterprises. To print it, use the one-page PDF version; you can also edit the Word version to customize it for you own needs. Responsibilities of a...
Hybrid Analysis Grows Up – Acquired By CrowdStrike
11th Nov 2017 [7 months ago] from Zeltser
CrowdStrike just acquired Payload Security, the company behind the automated malware analysis sandbox technology Hybrid Analysis. Jan Miller founded Payload Security in 2014. The interview I conducted with Jan in early 2015 captures his...