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Security News from 'DarkNet'
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Acunetix V12 – More Comprehensive More Accurate & 2x Faster
22nd May 2018 [16 hours ago] from DarkNet
Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web application security software, has announced the release of Acunetix v12. This new version provides support for JavaScript ES7 to better analyse sites which rely heavily on JavaScript such as SPAs....
CloudFrunt – Identify Misconfigured CloudFront Domains
18th May 2018 [5 days ago] from DarkNet
CloudFrunt is a Python-based tool for identifying misconfigured CloudFront domains, it uses DNS and looks for CNAMEs which may be allowed to be associated with CloudFront distributions. This effectively allows for domain hijacking.How CloudFrunt...
Airbash – Fully Automated WPA PSK Handshake Capture Script
10th May 2018 [13 days ago] from DarkNet
Airbash is a POSIX-compliant, fully automated WPA PSK handshake capture script aimed at penetration testing. It is compatible with Bash and Android Shell (tested on Kali Linux and Cyanogenmod 10.2) and uses aircrack-ng to scan for clients...
XXEinjector – Automatic XXE Injection Tool For Exploitation
5th May 2018 [18 days ago] from DarkNet
XXEinjector is a Ruby-based XXE Injection Tool that automates retrieving files using direct and out of band methods. Directory listing only works in Java applications and the brute forcing method needs to be used for other applications.Usage...
Yahoo! Fined 35 Million USD For Late Disclosure Of Hack
3rd May 2018 [20 days ago] from DarkNet
Ah Yahoo! in trouble again, this time the news is Yahoo! fined for 35 million USD by the SEC for the 2 years delayed disclosure of the massive hack, we actually reported on the incident in 2016 when it became public – Massive Yahoo Hack...
Drupwn – Drupal Enumeration Tool & Security Scanner
1st May 2018 [22 days ago] from DarkNet
Drupwn is a Python-based Drupal Enumeration Tool that also includes an exploit mode, which can check for and exploit relevant CVEs.Drupwn Drupal Enumeration Tool Hacking Features Drupwn can be run, using two separate modes which are enum...
MyEtherWallet DNS Hack Causes 17 Million USD User Loss
28th Apr 2018 [25 days ago] from DarkNet
Big news in the crypto scene this week was that the MyEtherWallet DNS Hack that occured managed to collect about $17 Million USD worth of Ethereum in just a few hours.The hack itself could have been MUCH bigger as it actually involved compromising...
StaCoAn – Mobile App Static Analysis Tool
23rd Apr 2018 [one month ago] from DarkNet
StaCoAn is a cross-platform tool which aids developers, bug bounty hunters and ethical hackers performing mobile app static analysis on the code of the application for both native Android and iOS applications.This tool will look for interesting...
Snallygaster – Scan For Secret Files On HTTP Servers
16th Apr 2018 [one month ago] from DarkNet
snallygaster is a Python-based tool that can help you to scan for secret files on HTTP servers, files that are accessible that shouldn’t be public and can pose a security risk.Typical examples include publicly accessible git repositories,...
Portspoof – Spoof All Ports Open & Emulate Valid Services
6th Apr 2018 [2 months ago] from DarkNet
The primary goal of the Portspoof program is to enhance your system security through a set of new camouflage techniques which spoof all ports open and also emulate valid services on every port. As a result, any attackers port scan results...
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