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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Intel Explains How 1-watt Panels Will Add Hours To Your Laptops Battery Life
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Nearly lost in the flood of Intel announcements at Computex—Intel’s 28-core chip, the 8086K Anniversary Edition, and more—was something a bit more fundamental: the development of 1-watt display panels, which will have a profound impact...
That Russia Router Malware Threat Might Be Worse Than Feared: What You Need To Know
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Update 6/7/18: Ciscos Talos has released additional details regarding VPNFilter, including a longer list of affected routers and possible attacks.Your gateway to the Internet may be the portal that foreign hackers are using to snatch your...
Maybe If No One Buys The Key2, BlackBerry Will Stop Making Phones With QWERTY Keyboards
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
If you had been in a coma for the past 10 years and the first thing you did after waking up this morning was check out BlackBerry’s homepage, you’d probably think you merely had a long nap. The brand formerly known as Research in Motion...
SanDisks 960GB SSD Plus Just Got Cheaper: Now On Sale For $200
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
A solid-state drive will significantly improve the speed and performance of your desktop PC or laptop. SanDisk’s 960GB SSD Plus is a solid option to do just that, and right now it’s on sale on Amazon for $200, down from a list price...
The Full Nerd Ep. 55: Intel Vs. AMD Core Wars, No New GeForce GPUs, And More From Computex
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
In this episode of the Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung, Mark Hachman, and Adam Patrick Murray call in from Taiwan to discuss all the glorious new PC hardware they’ve seen, fondled, and prodded at Computex 2018. Two episodes in one week!...
Neweggs Got A 24-inch 1080p 144Hz FreeSync Monitor For Under $200
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s gamer deal day here at PCWorld, and by that we mean we found a great bargain on a nice monitor—especially if you’re into 1080p gaming. Newegg has a 24-inch Nixeus 144Hz 1080p FreeSync gaming monitor for $190. The deal ends on...
Intel Shows How Movidius AI Chips And Windows ML Will Let PCs Anticipate Your Needs
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Behind the scenes, something’s going on with Intel PCs. They’re becoming smarter. Intel envisions a future where your PC will simply anticipate your habits and act accordingly. But it’s not clear when that future will arrive, how...
Hands On: MSIs App Player Lets You Crush Mobile Gamers
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
MSIs App Player will appeal to cheaters everywhere. It creates a virtualized Android environment on your PC so you can, say, play mobile games...with some clear control advantages over your friends playing on their pathetic phones. After...
VPNhub Premium Review: Pornhubs New VPN Service Needs To Work Out The Kinks
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
+ P2P allowed: Yes+ Business location: Canada and the United States+ Number of servers: 826+ Number of country locations: 18+ Cost: $60 per year+ VPN protocol: OpenVPN+ Data encryption: AES-256/AES-128+ Data authentication: Unknown+ Handshake...
Will Apple TV Kill The Cable Box? Not So Fast
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Cable companies might not share Apples enthusiasm for making cable boxes obsolete.
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