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The FBI Would Like You To Reboot Your WiFi Router - Wed, 30 May 2018 PST
31st May 2018 [19 days ago] from Topix
The Federal Bureau of Investigation is asking everyone with a home router to do one small thing: Turn your router off and then back on again. The agency issued a warning Friday asking home Internet users and small business owners to reboot...
ForceShield Wins Computex Best Choice Award 2018 In Security
30th May 2018 [19 days ago] from Topix
ForceShields IoT security solutions create a dynamic protection shield against intrusion and vulnerability to defend the connected devices, networks, and clouds of the IoT, Industrial IoT and Operational Technology . ForceShield technology...
Q&A: Should You Reboot Your Router Like The FBI Says?
30th May 2018 [19 days ago] from Topix
This July 27, 2008, file photo shows a, LED-illuminated wireless router in Philadelphia.
Christian Advocacy Group Hit By Cyber Attack After Calling Out...
30th May 2018 [19 days ago] from Topix
Representative image: The website of nonprofit organization In Defense of Christians was reportedly hacked after it took part in a summit that exposed human rights abuses in Turkey. A Christian advocacy group has claimed that it was hit...
Cyber Experts Say FBIs Warning To Restart Router Is Serious
30th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
A warning from the FBI..Reboot your router to stop Russian-Linked malware. Hunter Hudson works for ThreatAdvice and he says everyone needs to take this warning very seriously.
WPB Vulnerable Place For Cyber Attack
30th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
"Not surprising Florida in general and not surprising even in South Florida, but to be that high on the list is always just another reminder that we need to pay more attention," says Alan Crowetz, Channel 5s internet security expert. Las...
According To OMB, 3 Out Of 4 Agencies Is Risking Cyber Attack
30th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
Approximately three out of four federal agencies are at significant risk from cyber attackers, according to a May 2018 report from the Office of Management and Budget. More specifically, 71 of 96 federal agencies participating in the assessment...
Accused Palo Alto Online Hacker Sought Economic Damage
30th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
Ross Colby walks with attorney Vicki Young outside the Robert F. Peckham Federal District Courthouse in San Jose on May 24, 2017. Photo by Veronica Weber.
How To Protect Your Router And Wi-Fi From Russian Hackers
29th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
A few weeks ago, the United States Computer Emergency Readiness Team issued an alert about state-supported Russian hackers carrying out attacks against a large number of home routers in the U.S. These hackers are organized, motivated and...
Canadian Who Helped Yahoo Email Hackers Gets Five Years In Prison
29th May 2018 [20 days ago] from Topix
A Canadian accused of helping Russian intelligence agents break into email accounts as part of a massive 2014 data breach at Yahoo was sentenced to five years in prison on Tuesday and ordered to pay a US$250,000 fine. FILE PHOTO: A photo...
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