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Security News from 'PCWorld'
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Stream All The 4K Things For Cheap With $20 Off The Roku Ultra Today
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Streaming television is fast becoming the norm, but as any cord-cutter will tell you, you cant get great streaming services without a great device to play them on. Roku leads the charge when it comes to service availability, and right now...
Master Microsoft Excel With This Certification Bundle, Now $39
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Looking at an empty spreadsheet without a lot of knowledge on how it works can be daunting, to say the least. All those cells, rows, and columns waiting for data... Now that the datas in there, what should you do next? Knowing the essentials...
The Massive 1TB Samsung 860 EVO, Our Favorite SSD, Is On Sale For $248—over $50 Off
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
These deeply discounted SSD prices keep catching our eye. Today we’ve got a deal on a drive that won our highest accolades. Samsung’s 1TB 860 EVO is just $248 at Amazon right now. That’s the lowest price yet for this SSD, which retails...
Birth Of A Standard: The Intel 8086 Microprocessor Turns 40 Today
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
The release of Intel’s 8086 microprocessor in 1978 was a watershed moment for personal computing. The DNA of that chip is likely at the center of whatever computer—Windows, Mac, or Linux—you’re using to read this, and it helped...
Intels Limited Edition 5GHz Core I7-8086K Goes On Sale To Celebrate The 8086s 40th Anniversary
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
As promised, Intel’s limited edition Core i7-8086K hit the streets on Friday, showing up at Newegg, Amazon, and Best Buy for $425.To read this article in full, please click here
What To Expect At E3 2018: Live Stream Details And Game Predictions For All Major Events
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
It’s year two of E3’s great consumer-facing experiment. 15,000 fans will parachute into the Los Angeles Convention Center next week. Hopefully 15,000 of them will leave at the end, too—but you never know. (It is the year of the battle...
The Powerful PC Hardware Of Computex 2018
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Computex keeps it realImage by Gordon Mah Ung/IDGCES may be where technological dreams and inspirations spring forth, but Computex is where those ideas get real. It’s one of the biggest PC-centric shows year-in and year-out, where vendors...
ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speaker Review: This Compact Soundbar Accentuates Voices
8th Jun 2018 [10 days ago] from PCWorld
Say what? The ZVOX AccuVoice AV200 TV Speakers hearing-aid technology makes voices easier to hear.
MSIs Prestige PS42 Is An Ultrabook With A Gaming Pedigree
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
The Prestige PS42 is something new for MSI: A thin, light laptop that isnt expressly for gaming. But MSI is MSI, and you can bet they stuffed as much performance into this laptop as possible. After trying it at Computex in Taipei, here...
Hitman 2 Is Here, With Racecar Assassinations And A Brand New Co-op Mode
7th Jun 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Were only two days from the point where E3 festivities will begin, but theres still evidently enough time for a last-minute announcement: Hitman 2 exists. No, not the Hitman 2 that already released in 2002. A new one.Theres a trailer too:And...
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