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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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British Spies Waged Cyber Campaign Against ISIS, Says GCHQ Chief
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
This campaign shows targeted and effective offensive cyber can be says GCHQ director Jeremy Fleming.
Cryptocurrency-mining Malware: Why It Is Such A Menace And Where Its Going Next
12th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Cryptojacking is proving increasingly lucrative for cyber-attackers, and were only at the beginning of this form of cybercrime -- heres how it has come to pose the threat it does and where it could go next.
Blaming Russia For NotPetya Was Coordinated Diplomatic Action
12th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Australian is developing international partnerships to help deter inappropriate behaviour in cyberspace. Naming and shaming is part of its deterrence framework.
Technical Solutions Wont Stop The Real Threats To Elections
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Democracy is best kept safe by creating an educated, engaged, and digitally-experienced citizenry.
​Fasoos Wrapsody Offers Behavioral Analytics For Max Workspace Output
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Fasoo says its Wrapsody enterprise document platform has evolved to a workspace collaboration tool that minimises ROT information and maximises worker performances with behavioral analytics.
Beyond Zero Trust: Next-generation Access
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Is your organization considering Zero Trust? Heres why you should also consider NGA.
UK Hit By 49 Cyberattacks From Russian Groups In Six Months Says Amber Rudd
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
"We will not tolerate this", says Home Secretary Amber Rudd - and announces national cybercrime exercises to prepare for future attacks.
Conways Law And The Future Of Healthcare Data Management: Genome, Blockchain, And GDPR
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
Maladies in healthcare data management are obvious, but what about solutions? From selling Genome data to using Blockchain and the effects of GDPR, would we rather stick to the devil we know?
Windows 10 On AMD? This New Update Plus Microsofts Patch Block Spectre Attacks
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
AMD has released microcode updates for Spectre variant 2 that require Microsofts latest Windows 10 patch.
Ciscos Encryption Helps Threat Actors And Defenders Use AI
11th Apr 2018 [10 days ago] from ZDNet
TK Keanini, Ciscos principal engineer, explains his job to ZDNets Tonya Hall, "[Were] trying to make it harder for the bad guys to operate on our customers networks."
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