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Security News from 'TrendMicro'
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Cluster Of Coins: How Machine Learning Detects Cryptocurrency-mining Malware
26th Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
As new trends and developments in the malicious mining of cryptocurrency emerge, a smart and sustainable way of detecting these types of threats is swiftly becoming a cybersecurity necessity. By using Trend Micro Locality Sensitive Hashing...
Pop-up Ads And Over A Hundred Sites Are Helping Distribute Botnets, Cryptocurrency Miners And Ransomware
22nd Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
The Trend Micro Cyber Safety Solutions team has been tracking a potentially unwanted app (PUA) distribution campaign that installs PUA software downloaders. During our research, we found that some of these distributors started pushing malware...
Cryptocurrency Miner Distributed Via PHP Weathermap Vulnerability, Targets Linux Servers
21st Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
Through our incident response-related monitoring, we observed intrusion attempts whose indicators we’ve been able to correlate to a previous cryptocurrency-mining campaign that used the JenkinsMiner malware. The difference: this campaign...
Tropic Trooper’s New Strategy
14th Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
Tropic Trooper (also known as KeyBoy) levels its campaigns against Taiwanese, Philippine, and Hong Kong targets, focusing on their government, healthcare, transportation, and high-tech industries. Its operators are believed to be very organized...
March Patch Tuesday Fixes 75 Security Issues, Drops Registry Key Requirement In Windows 10
14th Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
Microsoft’s Patch Tuesday for March is an eventful one, with updates that comprise fixes for 75 security issues and a change of tack in its patch deployment process for Windows 10. Of the vulnerabilities Microsoft patched for this month,...
Detecting Attacks That Exploit Meltdown And Spectre With Performance Counters
13th Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
We worked on a detection technique for attacks that exploit Meltdown and Spectre by utilizing performance counters available in Intel processors. They measure cache misses — the state where data that an application requests for processing...
Campaign Possibly Connected To “MuddyWater” Surfaces In The Middle East And Central Asia
12th Mar 2018 [7 months ago] from TrendMicro
We discovered a new campaign targeting organizations in Turkey, Pakistan and Tajikistan that has some similarities with an earlier campaign named MuddyWater, which hit various industries in several countries, primarily in the Middle East...
Cryptocurrency-Mining Malware: 2018’s New Menace?
28th Feb 2018 [8 months ago] from TrendMicro
Will cryptocurrency-mining malware be the new ransomware? The popularity and increasing real-world significance of cryptocurrencies are also drawing cybercriminal attention — so much so that it appears to keep pace with ransomware’s...
Oracle Server Vulnerability Exploited To Deliver Double Monero Miner Payloads
26th Feb 2018 [8 months ago] from TrendMicro
The sudden rise of cryptocurrency triggered a shift in the target landscape. Cybercriminals started adapting and using their resources to try acquiring cryptocurrencies, whether through pursuing repositories like Bitcoin wallets or by compromising...
Vulnerabilities In Apache CouchDB Open The Door To Monero Miners
15th Feb 2018 [8 months ago] from TrendMicro
. Based on data from our sensors that we deployed worldwide, we have observed a new attack that exploits two vulnerabilities in a popular database system to deliver miners (detected by Trend Micro as HKTL_COINMINE.GE, HKTL_COINMINE.GP,...
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