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Security News from 'The Register'
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Google Is Still Chasing The Self-driving Engineer That Jumped Ship To Uber
3rd Oct 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
And has just won a bizarre argument to let arbitrators read a public document If you thought the monster battle between Google and Uber over alleged theft of its self-driving technology was over, youd be wrong.…
MIMEsweeper Maker Loses High Court Patent Fight Over 15-year-old Bulletin Board Post
2nd Oct 2018 [20 days ago] from The Register
Does a review by an imagineer in 2003 invalidate a patent filing? Take a guess A commercial rival of email virus-scanning software firm Glasswall has lost its High Court attempt to use a bulletin board post from 2003 written by a former...
Ever Used An Airport Lounge Printer? You Probably Dont Know How Blabby They Can Be
2nd Oct 2018 [20 days ago] from The Register
Internet architecture stalwart wants DNS Service Discovery rewritten to protect privacy Privacy consultant and former Internet Architecture Board president Christian Huitema has said he reckons hotspot users should be given better privacy...
100,000 Home Routers Recruited To Spread Brazilian Hacking Scam
1st Oct 2018 [20 days ago] from The Register
GhostDNS in the machine A DNSchanger-like attack first spotted in August on D-Link routers in Brazil has expanded to affect more than 70 different devices and more than 100,000 individual piece of kit.…
Havent Updated Your Adobe PDF Software Lately? Heres 85 New Reasons To Do It Now
1st Oct 2018 [20 days ago] from The Register
Acrobat, Reader get patched up against dozens of new holes Adobe has posted an update to address 85 CVE-listed security vulnerabilities in Acrobat and Reader for both Windows and macOS.…
Boffin: Dump Hardware Number Generators For Encryption And Instead Look Within
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from The Register
Chip timing could be as effective and harder to hack Hardware-based random number generators (HWRNGs) for encryption could be superseded after a Philippines-based researcher found that side-channel measurements of the timing of CPU operations...
Desktop Telegram Users Showing Off Not Only Their Silly Selfies But Also Their IP Addresses
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from The Register
Researcher earns $2,000 for unmasking flaw Telegram has paid out a €2,000 bounty to a researcher who uncovered a vulnerability which caused the messaging app to expose user IP addresses.…
Financial Conduct Authority Fines Tesco Bank £16.4m Over 2016 Security Breach
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from The Register
Every little helps: Penalty slashed with 60% discount The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has slapped a £16.4m fine on Tesco Bank for the security vulnerabilities that led to millions of pounds being pilfered from thousands of customers’...
Tory Partys Conference App Editable By World+dog, Blabs Party Members Digits
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from The Register
While Nadine Dorries website extols block-chain spanning the 499km Irish border The UKs Conservative Party has kicked off its annual conference by exposing its MPs phone numbers to anyone able to guess their email addresses.…
Location, Location, Location... Technologies Under The Microscope
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from The Register
The view from space and your pocket Analysis  It was 40 years ago that the first experimental Block-I GPS satellite was launched to help test the viability of a global positioning system.…
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