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Security News from 'Topix'
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Democratic Candidate Says Russians Tried Hacking Website
7th Aug 2018 [12 days ago] from Topix
In a Thursday Feb.8, 2018 photo, Tabitha Isner, the Democratic candidate for Alabamas 2nd Congressional District, chats with supporters during the opening of her campaign headquarters in Montgomery, Ala. Isner said Monday, Aug. 6 that Russian...
Help! Cyber-attack
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
Whats it like being the victim of a live cyber-attack? What should you do to protect your company from further damage? And should you pay that ransom demand? Technology of Business eavesdropped on a "war games" exercise hosted by cyber...
The Morning Download: A Road Atlas For The Blockchain Landscape
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
Good morning, CIOs. Every so often, like maybe one or twice a week, the world of blockchain and cryptocurrencies forks in one new direction too many, and its time to step back and assess where things stand.
Singapore Cyber Attack Has Hallmarks Of State-Linked Group, Government Says
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
Singapores worst cyber attack in its history, in which personal information of about 1.5 million people including the Prime Minister was stolen, has the hallmarks of a state-linked group, the governments communications minister said on...
Inside The Boot Camp Reforming Teenage Hackers - CNET
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
Jonathan Atkin, a stern-looking detective from the UKs South West Regional Cyber Crime Unit jumps up in front of eight boys spaced out across a small conference room. He paces back and forth, fixing each of them with a long, hard...
Convicted Russian Hacker Anikeyev Released From Prison
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
Shaltai-Boltai hacker group leader Vladimir Anikeyev is seen in an enclosure in a court room in Moscow, Russia, on Thursday, July 6, 2017. Vladimir Anikeyev, who headed Shaltai-Boltai hacker group, was sentenced to two years in prison a...
Now Maybe Taiwan Will Take Cybersecurity Seriously
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
I was at a hackers conference in Taipei a few years ago when I got talking to one of the countrys leading cybersecurity experts. I wanted to know the state of play in the ongoing cyber war between Taiwan and China.
Sophos Group (SPHHF) Lifted To Hold At Zacks Investment Research
6th Aug 2018 [13 days ago] from Topix
According to Zacks, "Sophos Group plc provides cloud-enabled end user and network security solutions. The Company offers protection against viruses, known and unknown malware, spyware, intrusions, unwanted applications, spam, policy abuse...
Area Teen Studies Cybersecurity In North Dakota
5th Aug 2018 [14 days ago] from Topix
Collin Gros is attending a research course at NDSU, where he is studying facial-recognition technology and how hackers try to get around it Alamogordo teen studying cyber-security at North Dakota State University program Collin Gros is...
How To Protect The Midterms From Hackers
5th Aug 2018 [14 days ago] from Topix
We could be just a moment away from it going to the next level," says the FBI director. On Thursday, the Trump administrations national security team held a joint press conference to underscore the threat.
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