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Security News from 'ZDNet'
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​New Zealand To Refresh Cybersecurity Strategy
13th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
New Zealand Broadcasting, Communications and Digital Media Minister Clare Curran has announced a refresh to the countrys three-year-old cybersecurity strategy amid concerns of a growing threat landscape.
Warranted Access To Face-matching System Thrown Out By Home Affairs
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
The Department of Home Affairs said built-in privacy safeguards are sufficient, and that the Commonwealth Bill is not intended to regulate access to the services by other agencies.
​Caught Short By NotPetya, Australia To Establish 24/7 Cyber Newsroom
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
The Australian Cyber Security Centres expanded role will include more proactive advice to a wider range of stakeholders, while cyber incidents are becoming much more destructive.
Its Time For Cyber Weather And Traffic Bulletins
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
The internet is such a core part of our lives that we all deserve real-time information about outages and safety hazards. It wouldnt be difficult.
Four Popular News Apps Suspended In China
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
The Chinese government is further tightening its grip on the internet by suspending a number of news apps that were said to be competing for users with vulgar content.
Uber, FTC Agree To New Settlement Terms Over Data Breach
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Uber is now required to submit every audit report of its privacy program to the FTC, and faces civil penalties if it fails to disclose another breach.
MinerEye Launches AI-powered Data Tracker To Bolster GDPR Compliance
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
The tool can also help save on costs by identifying redundant data and making suggestions for mitigations.
Swim At Your Own Risk: How Botched IoT Can Sink Your Precious First-world Life
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Boo-hoo. A bungled Internet of Things (IoT) update means you cant switch your swimming pool to spa mode. Laugh all you want: When the HVAC or your home security system fails, the implications are serious.
Four Telcos Set Up Global Cybersecurity Group
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Singtel, SoftBank, Etisalat, and Telefónica have banded to form the Global Telco Security Alliance, pledging to share data on cyber threats and tap each partys resources to support customers worldwide.
​How Safe Is Your Air-gapped PC? Attackers Can Now Suck Data Out Via Power Lines
12th Apr 2018 [9 days ago] from ZDNet
Youll now need to monitor the power cables connecting to isolated computers holding sensitive information.
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