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Security News from 'The Register'
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US Government Charges Seven Russians With Fancy Bear Hacks
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Largely pointless, since theyre never going to stand trial In whats turning into International Cyber-Attribution Week, a US Federal grand jury has indicted seven Russian military intelligence officers for their alleged part in hacking anti-doping...
Decoding The Chinese Super Micro Super Spy-chip Super-scandal: What Do We Know – And Who Is Telling The Truth?
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Whos your money on? Bloombergs sources? Apple? Amazon? Super Micro? Analysis  Chinese government agents managed to slip spy chips into Super Micro servers used by Amazon, Apple, the US government, and potentially others, that gave Beijings...
Dutch Cheesed Off With Russians, Expel Four Suspects Over Chemical Weapons Wi-Fi Spying
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Russia hits back: Do not swallow these provocations Four alleged Russian agents have been expelled from the Netherlands after they attempted to hack the chemical weapons watchdog probing the Novichok poisonings in Salisbury, England, and...
Whose Hack Is It Anyway? Cyberattack Whodunnits Harder Than Ever To Solve
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Sophisticated groups not always so easy to pick out The growing market for commercial malware, the intermingling of state-sponsored agencys code and the blurring lines between political and economic attacks are making it harder for researchers...
UK Pins Reckless Campaign Of Cyber Attacks On Russian Military Intelligence
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
We know it was GRU The UK government pointed the finger at Russian military intelligence for a litany of cyber nasties in an alert it issued this morning.…
Sendgrid Blurts Out OWN Customers Email Addresses With No Help From Hackers
4th Oct 2018 [18 days ago] from The Register
Along came some spiders and saw the unsubscribers... Cloud-based email marketing service SendGrid has copped to blabbing customer and recipients email addresses, chalking it up to an overenthusiastic bit of indexing without explaining why...
Apple Forgot To Lock Intel Management Engine In Laptops, So Get Patching
3rd Oct 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Chipzillas security through obscurity withers under scrutiny In its ongoing exploration of Intels Management Engine (ME), security biz Positive Technologies has reaffirmed the shortsightedness of security through obscurity and underscored...
CEO Pleads Guilty Of Conspiring With Drug Cartels To Sell Them Stealthy Blackberrys
3rd Oct 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Phantom Secures Vincent Ramos faces 20 years in clink The CEO of a company that took Blackberry phones, stripped them of their cameras, microphones and GPS and then installed encryption software in order to create a secure phone, has pleaded...
You Dirty DRAC: IT Bods Uncover Dell Server Firmware Security Slip
3rd Oct 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
Weakness not easy to leverage, but iDRAC exploit would mean game over for admins A pair of IT professionals have uncovered a potentially serious flaw in the hardware management tools for older Dell servers.…
Desperate North Korea Turns To APTs For Cash
3rd Oct 2018 [19 days ago] from The Register
State-sponsored hacking meets financial acquisition with APT38 A new state-sponsored attack from North Korea is being seen as an effort by the cash-strapped dictatorship to raise funds by exploiting foreign banks.…
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