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Security News from 'TrendMicro'
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Detecting New Threats Via Contextual Information And Reputation
7th Feb 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
Cybercriminals are constantly looking for new strategies to defeat security solutions and improve the success of their attacks. The increase in adoption of polymorphism and packing has made traditional signature-based detection at the client...
Malicious Chrome Extensions Found In Chrome Web Store, Form Droidclub Botnet
1st Feb 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
The Trend Micro Cyber Safety Solutions team has discovered a new botnet delivered via Chrome extensions that affects more than half a million users. (The malicious extension is detected as BREX_DCBOT.A.) This botnet was used to inject ads...
Digital Extortion: A Forward-looking View
30th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
In 2017, we saw digital extortion increasingly become cybercriminals’ first and foremost money-making modus operandi. It’s mostly due to ransomware — cybercriminals’ currently most popular weapon of choice, helping them in extorting...
Hacking Group Spies On Android Users In India Using PoriewSpy
29th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
We have been seeing attacks that spy on and steal data from specific targets on the mobile platform since late 2017. We discovered the malicious apps victimizing Android users in India, and believe a hacking group—one previously known...
Malvertising Campaign Abuses Google’s DoubleClick To Deliver Cryptocurrency Miners
26th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
On January 24, 2018, we observed that the number of Coinhive web miner detections tripled due to a malvertising campaign. We discovered that advertisements found on high-traffic sites not only used Coinhive (detected by Trend Micro as JS_COINHIVE.GN),...
Lazarus Campaign Targeting Cryptocurrencies Reveals Remote Controller Tool, An Evolved RATANKBA, And More
24th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
We analyzed a new RATANKBA variant (BKDR_RATANKBA.ZAEL.A) that uses a PowerShell script instead of its more traditional PE executable form. In this entry, we provide in-depth analysis of the malware, as well as a detailed examination of...
Understanding Motivations And Methods Of Web Defacement
22nd Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
Cybercrime takes on many forms, but one of the long-standing tactics attackers use is web defacement – the process of compromising and vandalizing a website. Typically, these attackers – known as web defacers – replace the original...
Struts And DotNetNuke Server Exploits Used For Cryptocurrency Mining
19th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
Threat actors have turned to cryptocurrency mining as a reliable way to make a profit in recent months. Cryptocurrency miners use the computing power of end users to mine coins of various kinds, most commonly via malware or compromised...
GhostTeam Adware Can Steal Facebook Credentials
18th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
We uncovered a total of 53 apps on Google Play that can steal Facebook accounts and surreptitiously push ads. Many of these apps, which were published as early as April 2017, seemed to have been put out on Google Play in a wave. Detected...
UK Conviction Arises Out Of Trend Micro And NCA Partnership
15th Jan 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
On January 15, Goncalo Esteves from Essex, UK plead guilty on 3 charges of computer offenses under UK law:2 charges against Section 3A of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 (Making/adapting/supplying an article intended for use/to assist in commission...
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