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Security News from 'The Register'
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Network Time Protocol Bugs Sting Junipers Operating System
10th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from The Register
Oh, and there are 21 other vulns to patch Its time for Juniper Networks semi-regular bugfest, with 22 fixes announced today, two of which carry a “critical” rating and should be applied immediately.…
If You Havent Already Patched Your MikroTik Router For Vulns, Then If You Could Go Do That, That Would Be Greeeeaat
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
MikroTik. Stupid name. Stupid bugs. Get those fixes If you havent installed a batch of patches for bugs in your MikroTik routers – and two thirds of owners apparently havent – then stiffen the sinews and summon up the blood: you really...
Oh No, Xi Didnt! Chinese Spymaster Cuffed In Belgium, Yoinked To US On Aerospace Snoop Rap
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
Xu can play at this espionage game, prosecutors allege US prosecutors have unsealed charges against a collared Chinese national, accusing him of stealing trade secrets from American aerospace companies.…
PINs And Needled: Experian Site Blabbed Codes To Unlock Credit Accounts For Fraudsters
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
Hack to thaw account freezes reported, fixed, hopefully never exploited Experians website exposed to world-plus-dog the PINs needed to unlock frozen accounts, allowing crooks to potentially apply for loans and credit cards as their victims.…...
Who Needs Custom Malware? Govt-backed Gallmaker Spy Crew Uses Off-the-shelf Wares
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
Likely state hackers make do with living off the land and going after tardy Office patchers A newly discovered spy gang is eschewing boutique attack tools to instead use publicly available exploits against unpatched systems.…
Chinas Clampdown On Tor Pushes Its Hackers Into Foreign Backyards
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
Comparing Middle Kingdoms hacker forums to Russias? Apples and pears Underground hacker forums in China and Russia are as different as each countrys regular shopping bazaars, according to research from Recorded Future.…
Worker Perks Flinger Sodexo Pulls Engage Website After Malware Smackdown
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
UK information commish is investigating Employee benefits firm Sodexo has suffered a data breach exposing personal info believed to include names, email addresses and home addresses after its UK Engage unit’s internal IT systems were...
Google And Microsoft Boffins Playing Nicely Together To Stop Replay Attacks In Their Tracks
10th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from The Register
Internet Engineering Task Force doc examines how to better protect authentication tokens Google and Microsoft engineers have pooled their efforts to propose a protection against what are known as "replay attacks".…
US May Have By Far The Worlds Biggest Military Budget But Its Not Showing In Security
9th Oct 2018 [13 days ago] from The Register
GAO report finds more holes than a Swiss cheese, and very little hope for improvement If you were worried about the state of US military security systems you might not want to read the latest audit. with such frequency, there was no reason...
Worlds Largest CCTV Maker Leaves At Least 9 Million Cameras Open To Public Viewing
9th Oct 2018 [13 days ago] from The Register
Xiongmais cloud portal opens sneaky backdoor into servers Yet another IoT device vendor has been found to be exposing their products to attackers with basic security lapses.…
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