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Security News from 'The Register'
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Criminal Justice Software Code Could Send You To Jail And There’s Nothing You Can Do About It
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Trade secrets are trumping personal liberty DEF CON  American police and the judiciary are increasingly relying on software to catch, prosecute and sentence criminal suspects, but the code is untested, unavailable to suspects defense teams,...
Prank Give Me A Raise! Email Nearly Lands Sysadmin With Dismissal
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Staffer learns hard way: boss jokes dont mix well with infosec demos Who, Me?  Welcome again to Who, Me?, where we invite Reg readers to begin the week crossing their fingers it will be better than those of our featured techies.…
Former NSA Top Hacker Names The Filthy Four Of Nation-state Hacking
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Carefully omits to mention the Land of the Free DEF CON  Rob Joyce, the former head of the NSA’s Tailored Access Operations hacking team, has spilled the beans on which nations are getting up to mischief online.…
UK Cyber Cops: Infosec Pros Could Help Us Divert Teens From Dark Side
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Police seek mentor-like techies to help talented kids UK police are looking to cybersecurity firms to help implement a strategy of steering youngsters away from a life in online crime.…
Snap Code Snatched, Pentagon Bans Bands, Pacemakers Cracked, Etc
11th Aug 2018 [8 days ago] from The Register
New zero-day vendor opens up shop, and more in infosec this week Roundup  This week, the infosec world descended on Las Vegas for BlackHat and DEF CON to share stories of bug hunting, malware neural nets, hefty payout offers, and...
The Off-brand Military-grade X86 Processors, In The Library, With The Root-granting Backdoor
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from The Register
Dive into a weird and wonderful feature of Vias embedded hardware chips Black Hat  A forgotten family of x86-compatible processors still used in specialist hardware, and touted for "military-grade security features," has a backdoor that...
Hi-de-Hack! Redcoats Red-faced As Butlins Holiday Camp Admits Data Breach Hit 34,000
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from The Register
Staff opened phishing email Holiday camp and British institution Butlins has admitted 34,000 visitor records have been compromised.…
Congresscritters Want Answers On Tillersons Rm -rf /opt/gov/infosec
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from The Register
Reps probe Rexs wrecking ball job on crucial Cyber Issues office US House Democrats are asking Republicans to subpoena the State Department over its decision to shut down a key government cybersecurity office.…
Off-colour Tweet Earns Google’s Spectre Whizz A Midnight Eviction From Caesars And DEF CON
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from The Register
Last year Hutchens, now Linton targeted Black Hat/DEF CON  At midnight on Thursday Matt Linton, a senior Google engineer who was one of the key players in sorting out the Spectre security hole mess, went to his hotel room in Caesars Palace...
Its 2018 And I Can Still Hack Into Sat-comms Gear, Sighs Infosec Dude
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from The Register
Planes, ships, military equipment at risk says IOActives Santamarta Black Hat  Four years ago, IOActive security researcher Ruben Santamarta came to Black Hat USA to warn about insecurities in aircraft satellite-communication (SATCOM)...
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