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Security News from 'ESET Research'
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Why Keeping Your Cyber-wits About You Matters
2nd Oct 2018 [20 days ago] from ESET Research
WeLiveSecurity is happy to support the European Cyber Security Month (ECSM) with its own “two cents”, split into four articles over the course of October that will be dedicated to promoting the campaign’s goals The post Why keeping...
50 Million Facebook Users Affected In Breach
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from ESET Research
It has yet to be determined whether the accounts were misused or what information was accessed. In the meantime, you can improve your account security with a few easy steps The post 50 million Facebook users affected in breach appeared...
Top Tips For Protecting Your Smart TV
1st Oct 2018 [21 days ago] from ESET Research
The final few months of 2018 will likely be a busy time of year for people and cybercriminals will be no different as they continue to look for weak spots in networks The post Top tips for protecting your Smart TV appeared first on...
Who’s Behind DDoS Attacks At UK Universities?
28th Sep 2018 [24 days ago] from ESET Research
The timing of the attacks suggests that many attempts to take the networks offline may not necessarily be perpetrated by organized cybercriminal gangs The post Who’s behind DDoS attacks at UK universities? appeared first on...
LoJax: First UEFI Rootkit Found In The Wild, Courtesy Of The Sednit Group
27th Sep 2018 [25 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers have shown that the Sednit operators used different components of the LoJax malware to target a few government organizations in the Balkans as well as in Central and Eastern Europe The post LoJax: First UEFI rootkit found...
Twitter Patches Bug That May Have Spilled Users’ Private Messages
26th Sep 2018 [26 days ago] from ESET Research
The flaw affected one of the platform’s APIs between May 2017 and September 10 of this year, when it was patched “within hours” The post Twitter patches bug that may have spilled users private messages appeared first on...
Defending Your Company From Cyberattack
26th Sep 2018 [26 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET CTO Juraj Malcho outlines some of the ways in which organizations can reduce their cybersecurity risk The post Defending your company from cyberattack appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
How To Improve Hiring Practices In Cybersecurity
25th Sep 2018 [27 days ago] from ESET Research
Should schools and businesses do more to combat the shortfall of cybersecurity professionals by changing the hiring process for those interested in having a career in the industry? The post How to improve hiring practices in cybersecurity...
The Occasional Orator Part 2
24th Sep 2018 [28 days ago] from ESET Research
Public speaking and presenting at conferences can be daunting for the majority of people but by including some subtle tricks, the speaker can deliver a stronger message The post The Occasional Orator Part 2 appeared first on...
Attackers Crack Newegg’s Defenses, Slurp Customers’ Credit Card Data
21st Sep 2018 [one month ago] from ESET Research
The skimmer, injected into the store’s payment page, harvested credit-card details from the store’s online customers for more than a month The post Attackers crack Newegg’s defenses, slurp customers’ credit card data appeared first...
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