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Security News from 'Topix'
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Officials Bristle At Def Con Election Hacking
14th Aug 2018 [5 days ago] from Topix
For the second year in a row, hackers at the Def Con computer security conference in Las Vegas set out to show just how vulnerable U.S. elections are to digital attacks. At one gathering geared for kids age 17 and younger, elementary school-aged...
Reports Of Election Site Hacking Rankle Florida Officials
14th Aug 2018 [5 days ago] from Topix
Thats the question confronting Florida election officials who are pushing back against reports that an 11-year-old hacked a replica of the states election website. Multiple media outlets over the weekend reported that children at a hacking...
11-Year-Old Hacks, Changes Election Results On Replica Florida State Website
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
An 11-year-old successfully hacked a replica website for the Florida Secretary of State and changed election results in less than 10 minutes during a hacking convention in Las Vegas, according to event organizers . Nearly 40 hackers from...
7 Surprising Places Hackers Hide
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
The internet of things has made everything from refrigerators to thermostats smarter. But as with connected technologies grow in popularity, malicious hackers can find ways to take advantage of these innovations, increasing the need for...
11-year-old Hacks Replica Florida Election Information Website In 10 Minutes
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
Hacking into election information websites is apparently so easy that an 11-year-old can do it in about 10 minutes. At the 26th annual DEF CON, a hacker convention in Las Vegas, some hacking workshops for kids and adults saw two 11-year-olds...
Millions Of Businesses Vulnerable To Fax-based Cyber Attack
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
Hackers could exploit security vulnerabilities in fax machines to launch cyber attacks in millions of organisations around the world, researchers warn, underlining the need for cyber resilience There are more than 45 million fax machines...
At Def Con, Children Show How Easy It Can Be To Hack An Election
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
The security of voting machines and government databases has long been a topic of concern among cybersecurity experts and officials. However, the danger is still very real , and Def Con, an annual hackers convention meeting in Las Vegas,...
Electric Grid Hacking More Perilous Than Election Hacking
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
Kremlin-connected cyber criminals are capable of turning off our electric power from afar, while power plant employees watch helplessly. In the last two weeks, the federal Department of Homeland Security held four briefings warning that...
Hacking The Websites Responsible For Election Information Is So Easy An 11 Year-old Did It
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from Topix
Over the weekend at Def Con , the annual hacker convention in Las Vegas to discuss some of the latest and greatest trends in the wild world of hacking, a pair of election security hacking demonstrations set up for adults and kids alike...
To Identify A Hacker, Treat Them Like A Burglar
12th Aug 2018 [7 days ago] from Topix
The savvy culprit didnt leave behind fingerprints, shoe prints, or any other discrete, identifying details. Still, police manage to link the crime to a series of burglaries that happened the next town over, because of the criminals...
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