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Security News from 'TrendMicro'
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New Underminer Exploit Kit Delivers Bootkit And Cryptocurrency-mining Malware With Encrypted TCP Tunnel
26th Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
We discovered a new exploit kit we named Underminer that employs capabilities used by other exploit kits to deter researchers from tracking its activity or reverse engineering the payloads. Underminer delivers a bootkit that infects the...
Open ADB Ports Being Exploited To Spread Possible Satori Variant In Android Devices
23rd Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
Recently, we found a new exploit using port 5555 after detecting two suspicious spikes in activity on July 9-10 and July 15. In this scenario, the activity involves the command line utility called Android Debug Bridge (ADB), a part of the...
Blackgear Cyberespionage Campaign Resurfaces, Abuses Social Media For C&C Communication
17th Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
Blackgear (also known as Topgear and Comnie) is a cyberespionage campaign dating back to 2008, at least based on the Protux backdoor used by its operators. It targets organizations in Japan, South Korea, and Taiwan, leveling its attacks...
New Andariel Reconnaissance Tactics Hint At Next Targets
16th Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
Reconnaissance plays a vital role in criminal operations, and some groups go to great lengths to investigate their targets systems. A recent example is the Andariel Group, a known branch of the notorious Lazarus Group. Last month, we tracked...
VPNFilter-affected Devices Still Riddled With 19 Vulnerabilities
13th Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
This blog tackles the recently ill-famed VPNFilter malware and if deployed devices are vulnerable to it. VPNFilter is a newly discovered, multi-stage malware (detected by Trend Micro as ELF_VPNFILT.A, ELF_VPNFILT.B, ELF_VPNFILT.C, and ELF_VPNFILT.D)...
July Patch Tuesday: Large Adobe Security Update And Patches For 18 Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities
11th Jul 2018 [3 months ago] from TrendMicro
Patch Tuesday for July addresses 53 Microsoft and 107 Adobe vulnerabilities. The post July Patch Tuesday: Large Adobe Security Update and Patches for 18 Critical Microsoft Vulnerabilities appeared first on .
Malicious Macro Hijacks Desktop Shortcuts To Deliver Backdoor
3rd Jul 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
by Loseway Lu Despite being around for decades, cybercriminals are still using malicious macro to deliver malware, albeit in more creative ways to make them more effective. The threat actors behind a recent case used macro in a more roundabout...
Down But Not Out: A Look Into Recent Exploit Kit Activities
2nd Jul 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
Exploit kits may be down, but they’re not out. While theyre still using the same techniques that involve malvertisements or embedding links in spam and malicious or compromised websites, their latest activities are making them significant...
The New Face Of Necurs: Noteworthy Changes To Necurs’ Behaviors
28th Jun 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
by Anita Hsieh, Rubio Wu, Kawabata Kohei Six years after it was first spotted in the wild, the Necurs malware botnet is still out to prove that it’s a malware chameleon.  We recently discovered noteworthy changes to the way Necurs makes...
Cryptocurrency-Mining Bot Targets Devices With Running SSH Service Via Potential Scam Site
26th Jun 2018 [4 months ago] from TrendMicro
Our honeypot sensors, which are designed to emulate Secure Shell (SSH), Telnet, and File Transfer Protocol (FTP) services, recently detected a mining bot related to the IP address The address has been seen to search for...
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