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Security News from 'The Register'
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Florida Man Laundered Money For Reveton Ransomware. Then Microsoft Hired Him.
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Former network engineer gets 18 months in prison A former Microsoft network engineer will be spending a sojourn in prison after pleading guilty to conspiracy to commit money laundering.…
Patch Tuesday Heats Up With Pair Of Zero-days, Plus 58 Other Fixes
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Summertiiiiiime, and the hacking is easy Microsoft and Adobe have teamed up to deliver more than 70 patches with this months Patch Tuesday scheduled release.…
Hackers Manage – Just – To Turn Amazon Echo Into Listening Device
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
But it requires custom hardware, firmware and access to your Wi-Fi DEF CON  Hackers have managed to hack Amazons Echo digital assistant and effectively turn it into a listening device, albeit through a complex and hard-to-reproduce approach.…...
Oracle: Run, Dont Walk, To Patch This Critical Database Takeover Bug
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Flaw in House Larrys flagship product allows "complete compromise" of servers Oracle is advising customers to update their database software following the discovery and disclosure of a critical remote code execution vulnerability.…
Three More Data-leaking Security Holes Found In Intel Chips As Designers Swap Security For Speed
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Apps, kernels, virtual machines, SGX, SMM at risk from attack Intel will today disclose three more vulnerabilities in its processors that can be exploited by malware and malicious virtual machines to potentially steal secret information...
CVE? Nope. NVD? Nope. Serious Must-patch Type Flaws Skipping Mainstream Vuln Lists – Report
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Infosec firm fingers decentralised reporting The first half of 2018 saw a record haul of reported software vulnerabilities yet a high proportion of these won’t appear in any mainstream flaw-tracking lists, researcher Risk Based Security...
May The May Update Be With You: OpenSSL Key Sniffed From Radio Signal
14th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
One and Done attack patched in librarys May 2018 release If you missed the OpenSSL update released in May, go back and get it: a Georgia Tech team recovered a 2048-bit RSA key from OpenSSL using smartphone processor radio emissions, in...
Faxploit: Retro Hacking Of Fax Machines Can Spread Malware
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
20th Century tech causing problems in the 21st Video  Corporations are open to hacking via a booby-trapped image data sent by fax, a hacker demo at DEF CON suggests.…
Cisco Patches IOS In Response To Boffins IKE-busting Breakthrough
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from The Register
Switchzilla issues update for authentication bypass flaw Cisco has pushed out an update for its internetwork operating system (IOS) and IOS XE firmware in advance of a Usenix presentation on circumventing cryptographic key protocol.…...
Intel Finally Emits Puma 1Gbps Modem Fixes – Just As New Ping-of-death Bug Emerges
13th Aug 2018 [7 days ago] from The Register
Network-throttling modem bug finally gets a write-up and CVE More than 18 months after the issue was first brought to light, Intel is still working to fix the problems caused by its buggy Puma modem chipsets.…
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