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Security News from 'Topix'
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As Elections Approach, What Is The Risk Of Russian Meddling?
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
Nearly a year after Russian government hackers meddled in the 2016 U.S. election, researchers at cybersecurity firm Trend Micro zeroed in on a new sign of trouble: a group of suspect websites. The sites mimicked a portal for U.S. senators...
Cybercrime Expected To Hit $6 Trillion In Damage Annually By 2021
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
Hackers and computer viruses continue to cause issues as online shopping grows, with estimates that cybercrimes will cause $6 trillion in damage annually by 2021. That cost is double the $3 trillion in damages that occurred in 2017, according...
Hacker Who Stole 30 Peoples Private Photos Gets Eight Months Sentence
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
Dominik James, 31, of Beehive way, Stevenage, admitted to five counts of unauthorised access to computer material at Basildon Crown Court after he was summonsed to court following a search of his home in July 2017. The investigation began...
Livelihood Stolen: Hackers Attack San Diego Instagram Influencer
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
Maria Von Losch said she did not give in when she was threatened by hackers, but she is now in search of her followers. Maria is not alone.
Celebrity Photo Hacker Sentenced To 8 Months
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
George Garofano was sentenced to eight months in a federal prison in Bridgeport, CT for his role in hacking the personal iCloud of over 200 users, many of whom were celebrities. Dubbed "The Fappening," the 2014 iCloud hack led to the online...
Stop Hackers, Corporations And Governments From Tracking Your Internet History
1st Sep 2018 [22 days ago] from Topix
There are hundreds of different VPNs on the market, but only a couple of them are can truly provide reliable service to heavy internet users. Surfshark VPN Subscriptions is one of these VPNs that provides blazing fast access to 500+ servers...
Man Who Released Nude Celebrity Photos In Massive Dump The...
31st Aug 2018 [23 days ago] from Topix
A Connecticut man who released nude celebrity photos including those of actress Jennifer Lawrence and model Kate Upton in a massive dump known as "The Fappening" was sentenced to prison Wednesday. George Garofano, 26, was sentenced to eight...
Jennifer Lawrences Nude Photo Hacker Sentenced To Jail
31st Aug 2018 [23 days ago] from Topix
Los Angeles, Aug 31 : The man who hacked the iCloud accounts of more than 250 people, including several Hollywood celebrities, has been sentenced to eight months in prison. George Garofano was on Wednesday sentenced to jail.
How Secure Are Your Branch Sites?
31st Aug 2018 [23 days ago] from Topix
Protect your branches with software defined security. Todays attack landscape is bigger and more sophisticated than ever before, and one of the most common points of entry for a cyber attack is the remote office or branch.
Amazon Is Quietly Doubling Down On Cryptographic Security
31st Aug 2018 [23 days ago] from Topix
The growth of cloud services - with on-demand access to IT services over the Internet - has become one of the biggest evolutions in enterprise technology, but with it, so has the threat of security breaches and other cybercriminal activity....
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