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Intels 9th-gen Core I7-9700K Abandons Hyper-Threading: What It Could Mean For Performance
9th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
Core i7, the boss wants to talk to you.The good news: you got a promotion and a bump from six cores up to eight cores in Intel’s 9th generation CPU lineup. Woo-hoo! The bad news: Turn in your Hyper-Threading, because the cool feature...
The Full Nerd Special Episode: Diving Deep Into Core I9-9900K And Core X With Intels Desktop Chief
9th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
In this special episode of the Full Nerd, Gordon Mah Ung is joined by Anand Srivatsa, Intel’s desktop VP, to talk about all the new 9th-gen Core and Core-X processors announced in New York this week, including “the world’s best gaming...
Protect Against Outages With This $35, Six Outlet Uninterruptible Power Supply
9th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of an intense gaming or spreadsheet-wrangling session and a power outage kills it. One way to avoid a sudden power demise is to get an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) for when tragedy...
Google Home Routines: How To Put Them To Use
9th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
How to use Google Home Routines for automation and shortcuts.
Never Preorder: Why Jumping On New Technology Before Its Tested Is A Bad Idea
9th Oct 2018 [11 days ago] from PCWorld
One of the grossest aspects of PC gaming has wormed its way into PC components, promising nothing but pain for consumers. Preorders now exist for CPUs and graphics cards. AMD kicked off the trend with its Ryzen processors, Nvidia picked...
Google Is Shutting Down Google+ After It Exposed User Data And Neglected To Tell Anyone
8th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
Apparently Google+ users weren’t the only ones not paying attention to the social network. According to a report in the Wall Street Journal, Google discovered a “software glitch” earlier this year that allowed third-party developers...
Make Your Own DIY Smart Home Kit With These Great Deals On An Echo, Smart Plug, And Smart Switch
8th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
With seemingly endless smart tech available today, it can be a little daunting to set up a smart home. Even intro bundles can be tough to sort through. But today, a few discounted devices can help you DIY your way to a setup of your own....
Intel Debuts 9th-generation Core Chips, Including Core I9 And X-series Parts, With A Few Twists
8th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
Intel unveiled its 9th-generation Core desktop chips (after weeks of speculation and leaks), with the notable omission of a key feature: Hyper-Threading, at least on all but the most exclusive Core i9-9900K for mainstream PCs. Hyper-Threading...
Facebooks Portal Camera Is An Echo Show Rival Focused On Video Calls, But Will Anyone Trust It?
8th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
In what might be the worst timed product in the history of the world, Facebook has unveiled Portal and Portal+, a new smart speaker line with a screen and a camera that promises to track your movements, connect with Messenger, and notify...
Made By Google Event 2018: What We Expect And Dont Expect For Pixel, Google Home And More
8th Oct 2018 [12 days ago] from PCWorld
While it might seem like the annual Made by Google event has already taken place based on the Pixel leaks we’ve received on a daily basis, we actually still have another day until the big event. Google hasn’t exactly been secretive...
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