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Security News from 'Microsoft'
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Protecting Customers From Being Intimidated Into Making An Unnecessary Purchase
30th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
There has been an increase in free versions of programs that purport to scan computers for various errors, and then use alarming, coercive messages to scare customers into buying a premium version of the same program. The paid version of...
IGF Proves The Value Of Bottom-up, Multi-stakeholder Model In Cyberspace Policy-making
29th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
In December, the Internet Governance Forum (IGF) brought the world together to talk about the internet. I tend to take a definite interest in cybersecurity, but there were many more important topics discussed. They ranged from diversity...
Now You See Me: Exposing Fileless Malware
24th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Attackers are determined to circumvent security defenses using increasingly sophisticated techniques. Fileless malware boosts the stealth and effectiveness of an attack, and two of last years major ransomware outbreaks (Petya and WannaCry)...
Overview Of Rapid Cyberattacks
23rd Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Rapid cyberattacks like Petya and WannaCrypt have reset our expectations on the speed and scope of damage that a cyberattack can inflict. The Microsoft Enterprise Cybersecurity Group Detection and Response team worked extensively to help...
How Microsoft Tools And Partners Support GDPR Compliance
16th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
This post is authored by Daniel Grabski,Executive Security Advisor, Microsoft Enterprise Cybersecurity Group. As an Executive Security Advisor for enterprises in Europe and the Middle East, I regularly engage with Chief Information Security...
How Public-private Partnerships Can Combat Cyber Adversaries
16th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
For several years now, policymakers and practitioners from governments, CERTs, and the security industry have been speaking about the importance of public-private partnerships as an essential part of combating cyber threats. It is impossible...
Microsoft Offers Several Mechanisms To Protect Against Ransomware
15th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
The start of a new year is the perfect time to reassess your security strategy and tactics especially when looking back at the new levels of ransomwares reach and damage in 2017. Its no secret that ransomware attacks are increasing. In...
How To Disrupt Attacks Caused By Social Engineering
10th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
This post is authored by Milad Aslaner, Senior Program Manager, Windows Devices Group. A decade ago, most cyber-attacks started with a piece of malware or a complex method to directly attack the infrastructure of a company. But this picture...
A Worthy Upgrade: Next-gen Security On Windows 10 Proves Resilient Against Ransomware Outbreaks In 2017
10th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Adopting reliable attack methods and techniques borrowed from more evolved threat types, ransomware attained new levels of reach and damage in 2017. The following trends characterize the ransomware narrative in the past year: Three global...
Understanding The Performance Impact Of Spectre And Meltdown Mitigations On Windows Systems
9th Jan 2018 [9 months ago] from Microsoft
Last week the technology industry and many of our customers learned of new vulnerabilities in the hardware chips that power phones, PCs and servers. We (and others in the industry) had learned of this vulnerability under nondisclosure agreement...
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