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Security News from 'SecurityWeek'
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New Virobot Ransomware And Botnet Emerges
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
A newly discovered piece of malware combines ransomware and botnet capabilities in a single package, Trend Micro security researchers reveal. read more
ZDI Shares Details Of Microsoft JET Database Zero-Day
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Trend Micros Zero Day Initiative (ZDI) on Thursday made public details on a vulnerability impacting the Microsoft JET Database Engine, although a patch isn’t yet available for it. read more
Cloudflare Launches Security Service For Tor Users
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Cloudflare on Thursday announced a new service to provide Tor users with improved security and performance, while also aiming at reducing malicious network traffic. read more
Accounting Firm Moss Adams Acquires Cybersecurity Firm AsTech
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Moss Adams (an accounting firm founded 105 years ago) has merged in AsTech Consulting (a cyber risk management firm founded 11 years ago). Moss Adams is the thirteenth largest tax company in the U.S., and the leading firm on the West Coast....
Legitimate RATs Pose Serious Risk To Industrial Systems
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Remote administration tools (RATs) installed for legitimate purposes in operational technology (OT) networks can pose a serious security risk, allowing malicious actors to abuse them in attacks aimed at industrial organizations, Kaspersky...
Malware Businesses Blending The Legitimate And The Illegitimate
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Whenever someone wants to invoke a hacker for any purpose, we usually get some (stock photography) image of a lone, hooded malware author bent over a dark keyboard. Movies, too, perpetuate the idea of some socially maladjusted loner wreaking...
Facebook Building A War Room To Battle Election Meddling
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Facebook on Wednesday said it will have a "war room" up and running on its Silicon Valley campus to quickly repel efforts to use the social network to meddle in upcoming elections. read more
DMARC Fully Implemented On Two Thirds Of U.S. Government Domains
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
DMARC has been fully implemented on roughly two thirds of U.S. government domains, but agencies have less than a month to roll out the email security standard on the remaining websites. read more
Rockwell Automation Patches Severe Flaws In Communications Software
21st Sep 2018 [2 days ago] from SecurityWeek
Rockwell Automation has patched several critical and high severity vulnerabilities in its RSLinx Classic communications software. read more
U.S. Takes Off The Gloves In Global Cyber Wars: Top Oficials
20th Sep 2018 [3 days ago] from SecurityWeek
The United States is taking off the gloves in the growing, shadowy cyber war waged with China, Russia and other rivals, a top White House official said Thursday. read more
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