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Losses From BEC Scams Rising Fast And Furious
24th May 2018 [4 days ago] from ESET Research
In 2017, the victims of BEC fraud were stung for $676 million, almost double the loss totals reported in the previous year The post Losses from BEC scams rising fast and furious appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Mexico: Cybercriminals Steal At Least 400 Million Pesos Through Unauthorized Transfers
24th May 2018 [4 days ago] from ESET Research
While the exact amount of stolen money and source of the cybercriminals are not known, the authorities have confirmed that no clients were affected. The post Mexico: Cybercriminals steal at least 400 million pesos through unauthorized transfers...
Data Classification And Protection Now Available For Structured Data In SQL
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from Microsoft
This post is authored by Gilad Mittelman, Senior Program Manager, SQL Data Security. Data privacy and data security have become one of the most prominent topics in organizations in almost every industry across the globe. New regulations...
WeLiveSecurity In Running For European Security Blogger Awards. Vote Now!
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
We’re not in it for prizes (or cakes), but there’s no denying that we’re thrilled to be a finalist for the European Security Blogger Awards – and in five categories at that! The post WeLiveSecurity in running for European Security...
Confucius Update: New Tools And Techniques, Further Connections With Patchwork
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from TrendMicro
We look into the latest tools and techniques used by Confucius, as the threat actor seems to have a new modus operandi, setting up two new websites and new payloads with which to compromise its targets. The post Confucius Update: New Tools...
Amazon Rekognition A Possible Threat To The Civil Rights Of Citizens
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
Use of software by law enforcement as a surveillance tool a real concern for groups The post Amazon Rekognition a possible threat to the civil rights of citizens appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
£120,000 Fine For University After Details Of 20,000 Staff And Students Exposed In Data Breach
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from ESET Research
The University of Greenwich has received a fine of £120,000 because of the substantial damage and substantial distress caused by a security breach that exposed the personal information of 20,000 people. The post £120,000 fine for university...
Mobile Giants: Please Don’t Share The Where
22nd May 2018 [6 days ago] from Krebsonsecurity
Your mobile phone is giving away your approximate location all day long. This isnt exactly a secret: It has to share this data with your mobile provider constantly to provide better call quality and to route any emergency 911 calls straight...
Partnerships Power The Future Of Better Security
22nd May 2018 [6 days ago] from Microsoft
This post is authored by Jeremy Dallman, Principal Program Manager. Our goal in building the Microsoft Graph Security API is to enable customers to share insights and take action across security solutions to improve protection and speed...
Turla Mosquito: A Shift Towards More Generic Tools
22nd May 2018 [6 days ago] from ESET Research
ESET researchers have observed a significant change in the campaign of the infamous espionage group The post Turla Mosquito: A shift towards more generic tools appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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