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How To Stem The Rising Tide Of Massive DDoS Attacks
4th Jun 2018 [15 days ago] from TechRepublic
ZDNets Steve Ranger explains why DDoS attacks are increasing in frequency and power.
Cyber Is Cyber Is Cyber
2nd Jun 2018 [17 days ago] from Zeltser
If youre in the business of safeguarding data and the systems that process it, what do you call your profession? Are you in cybersecurity? Information security? Computer security, perhaps? The words we use, and the way in which the meaning...
Insider Attack Resistance
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from Google Security
Posted by Shawn Willden, Staff Software Engineer [Cross-posted from the Android Developers Blog]Our smart devices, such as mobile phones and tablets, contain a wealth of personal information that needs to be kept safe. Google is constantly...
Chrome, Firefox Iframe Exploit Can Steal Facebook Profile Info And Other Personal Data
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
A side-channel attack on CSS could expose your personal data to malicious websites, unless you update your browser immediately.
What Is The CIOs Role In Cybersecurity Leadership?
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
At the 2018 MIT CIO Symposium, Equinixs Lance Weaver described why the CIO must help guide enterprise cybersecurity policies.
Banking Trojans, Not Ransomware, Are The Biggest Threat To The Enterprise Now
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
The first months of 2018 saw more cyberattacks using Trojans and social engineering, according to Proofpoint. Heres how to protect your organization.
Cybercrime Is Skyrocketing As The World Goes Digital
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from DarkReading
If cybercrime were a country, it would have the 13th highest GDP in the world.
Understanding The Supply Chain Of Stole Data
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
Terbium chief research officer Munish Walther-Puri explains how hacked data moves from your personal accounts to the Dark Web.
Pixel 2 Encryption Is So Good It Can Even Fend Off Insider Attacks, Google Says
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
New Android security features for the Pixel 2 prevent attackers from installing malicious firmware on the security module in a lost or stolen device.
OnePlus 6 Users: Face Unlock Isnt Secure Enough To Protect Your Device, Heres Why
1st Jun 2018 [18 days ago] from TechRepublic
In a statement, the Chinese smartphone manufacturer advised their customers to use PIN codes instead.
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