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Why Critics Who Bash Musks Open Source Tesla Security Project Are Wrong
14th Aug 2018 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
Tesla has been accused of pursuing self-interest in open sourcing its security code. Thats true, but not the whole story.
How To Go Beyond Passwords In Windows 10
14th Aug 2018 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
Web sign-in, FIDO 2, remote biometrics - Windows 10 is ready for better security than passwords offer.
25 Android Smartphone Models Contain Severe Vulnerabilities Off The Shelf
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from TechRepublic
Researchers say that the swathe of bugs impacts major vendors.
How Unsecured Gateways Put Emergency First Responders In Real, Physical Danger
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from TechRepublic
Infected devices from Sierra Wireless broadcasted sensitive information of police cars, ambulances, and other emergency vehicles.
Hackers Can Attack Patient Monitoring Systems To Alter Vital Signs In Real Time
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from TechRepublic
McAfees Advanced Threat Research team found a way to falsify patient vitals on a bedside monitor, which could seriously impact care.
Hackers Can Steal Data From The Enterprise Using Only A Fax Number
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from TechRepublic
Fax machines are still widely used by businesses and a communications protocol vulnerability is leaving them exposed to cyberattacks.
The Data Security Landscape Is Shifting: Is Your Company Prepared?
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from DarkReading
New ways to steal your data (and profits) keep cropping up. These best practices can help keep your organization safer.
Facebook Admins: Prepare For Stricter Security With 2FA For Business Pages
13th Aug 2018 [6 days ago] from TechRepublic
In order to post on a Facebook Page, administrators must go through an authorization process to confirm their identities.
HTTP Security Considerations – An Introduction To HTTP Basics
11th Aug 2018 [8 days ago] from DarkNet
HTTP is ubiquitous now with pretty much everything being powered by an API, a web application or some kind of cloud-based HTTP driven infrastructure. With that HTTP Security becomes paramount and to secure HTTP you have to understand it.HTTP...
Google Public DNS Turns Years Old
10th Aug 2018 [9 days ago] from Google Security
Posted by Alexander Dupuy, Software EngineerOnce upon a time, we launched Google Public DNS, which you might know by its iconic IP address, (Sunday, August 12th, 2018, at 00:30 UTC marks eight years, eight months, eight days and...
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