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Microsoft EnclaveDB Can Defend Against Malicious Database Admins, Compromised OS
24th May 2018 [4 days ago] from TechRepublic
EnclaveDB is a research project from Imperial College London and Microsoft that uses trusted hardware to protect that data.
An Average Data Breach Will Cost An Enterprise $1.23M And An SMB $120K, Heres Why
24th May 2018 [4 days ago] from TechRepublic
With data breaches rapidly becoming multi-million dollar events, could the only solution be increasing IT budgets and giving tech leaders a bigger voice in organizational decision making?
VPNFilter Malware Infected 500K Devices: SMB And Home Office Routers Are At Risk
24th May 2018 [4 days ago] from TechRepublic
Ciscos Talos Intelligence uncovered a malware campaign targeting router and NAS products, but government intervention may have neutralized the threat.
The Good & Bad News About Blockchain Security
23rd May 2018 [4 days ago] from DarkReading
Blockchain technology promises many things. But to succeed, it must offer users a better plan against hackers.
Why Trust Is The Essential Currency Of Cybersecurity
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
To build durable cybersecurity policy, companies should encourage trust-building initiatives with business partners, said Cisco trust strategy officer Anthony Grieco.
Is Threat Intelligence Garbage?
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from DarkReading
Most security professionals in a recent survey said that threat intelligence doesnt work. So why all the hype?
Brain Food Botnet Infected 5,000+ Websites With Malicious PHP Scripts In Past 4 Months
23rd May 2018 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
The botnet tries to trick users into buying fake diet and brain-boosting pills in order to steal personal info. It does a great job of hiding itself, and its spreading like wildfire.
Acunetix V12 – More Comprehensive More Accurate & 2x Faster
22nd May 2018 [5 days ago] from DarkNet
Acunetix, the pioneer in automated web application security software, has announced the release of Acunetix v12. This new version provides support for JavaScript ES7 to better analyse sites which rely heavily on JavaScript such as SPAs....
4 Best Practices For Cyber Intelligence In Business
22nd May 2018 [5 days ago] from TechRepublic
Research has shown that the safest businesses know their digital weaknesses, preemptively identify any potential hacker targets, and hire a diverse cyber intelligence team.
GDPR 101: Keeping Data Safe Throughout The Supply Chain
22nd May 2018 [6 days ago] from DarkReading
There are a lot of moving pieces involved with data collection, retention, and processing in the EUs new General Data Protection Regulation. Heres how to break down responsibilities between your security team and service providers.
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