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Popular Security News
The Top 5 Most Brutal Cyber Attacks Of 2014 So Far
44 hours ago from Topix
Canada Says China Tried To Hack Into Key Computer System
19 hours ago from Yahoo News
Chinese Hackers Steal Israels Iron Dome Missile Data
22 hours ago from Guardian
Israels Iron Dome Makers Were Hit By Hackers: Report
14 hours ago from Yahoo News
Hackers Seed Amazon Cloud With Potent Denial-of-service Bots
39 hours ago from Ars Technica
DEF CON Hosting SOHO Wireless Router Hacking Contest
37 hours ago from ThreatPost
Many Antivirus Engines Plagued By Vulnerabilities: Researcher
17 hours ago from SecurityWeek
NOAA, Satellite Data, Fraught With Vulnerabilities
13 hours ago from ThreatPost
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Latest Security News
Connected Devices Have Huge Security Holes
an hour ago from ZDNet
Microsoft Spreads Cortana Abroad In Windows Phone
an hour ago from Yahoo News
Firm Issues Soft Denial Against Iron Dome Hack
2 hours ago from The Register
DDOS Takes Down Cirrus Communications
3 hours ago from The Register
IPhone Gets First Free App For Encrypting Voice Calls
3 hours ago from Topix
Things On The Internet-of-things Have 25 Vulnerabilities Apiece
4 hours ago from The Register
Keep Your IPhone Calls Private, Whispers Signal
4 hours ago from The Register
Controversial MyGov Login Could Be Used As E-voting ID
4 hours ago from ZDNet
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Latest News from Research Labs
Vulnerabilities In Alipay Android App Fixed
11 hours ago from TrendMicro
Windows XP Doomed – Hackers Play Classic Shooter On ATM
15 hours ago from ESET Research
22 Jump Street, Transformers Are Top Movie Lures For Summer
17 hours ago from TrendMicro
Cybercrime Exposed Part 1: The Security Risks Of Phishing
37 hours ago from TrendMicro
Snifula Banking Trojan Back To Target Japanese Regional Financial Institutions
41 hours ago from Symantec
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Binwalk V2.0.0 Released
45 hours ago from ToolsWatch
[New Tool] Praeda V0.02.2.103 Beta Released
5 days ago from ToolsWatch
Syhunt Sandcat Browser V5.0 Beta 1
5 days ago from ToolsWatch
NMap 101: NDiff And Your Tips! - HakTip
5 days ago from Hak5
Autonomous Boats, Hacker Printers And SDR Plugins - Hak5
6 days ago from Hak5
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
[Slides] CUTLASS - Encrypted Communications For Everyone
12 hours ago from SecDocs
[webapps] - WiFi HD V7.3.0 IOS - Multiple Vulnerabilities
17 hours ago from Exploit-db
[papers] - [Turkish] SQLMap CSRF Bypass
17 hours ago from Exploit-db
Shellcode Detection And Emulation With Libemu
19 hours ago from InfoSec
Crowdsensing: State Of The Art And Privacy Aspects
19 hours ago from InfoSec
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Upcoming Security Conferences
Black Hat USA 2014
Lasvegas, NV, USA - Aug 2-Aug 7 2013
DEFCON 22 Hacking Conference
Las vegas, USA - Aug 7-Aug 10 2013
Cyber Intelligence Europe
Brussels, Belgium - Sep 22-Sep 24 2013
Infosecurity Russia 2014
Moscow, Russia - Sep 24-Sep 26 2013
Black Hat Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Oct 14-Oct 17 2013
ISSE 2014
Brussels, Belgium - Oct 14-Oct 15 2013
GrrCON 2014
Michigan, USA - Oct 16-Oct 17 2013
X.25 Ethical Hacking Conference
Mexico - Oct 17-Oct 19 2013
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