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Popular Security News
Watering-Hole Campaign Spies, Then Seeks Out Cyber-Attack Targets
39 hours ago from Topix
Hackers Fire Warning Shot At Healthcare.gov
35 hours ago from Topix
Best Jokes About The Apple ICloud Nude Photo Scandal
47 hours ago from Topix
@CloudExpo | Why Does The #Cloud Attract Hackers?
18 hours ago from Topix
Spark Has IT Meltdown In NZ On Back Of Celebrity ICloud Breach
9 hours ago from ZDNet
Fake Links To Nude Celebrities Crash New...
23 hours ago from Topix
4chan May Be Just A Sysadmin Who Knows His Way Around, Claims So-called Expert
23 hours ago from The Register
How Far Would Your Sysadmins Go To Fix A Problem? 60 Sec Security [VIDEO]
42 hours ago from Naked Security
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Latest Security News
OpenSSL To Prenotify Distros Of Severe Security Fixes
an hour ago from ZDNet
Spark Broadband In New Zealand Back To Normal After IT Meldown Over Celebrity Nude Photos
2 hours ago from Topix
Departure EGates To Be Installed At Australian Airports
2 hours ago from ZDNet
IBM Taps Intel To Power, Secure SoftLayer Hybrid Cloud Deployments
2 hours ago from ZDNet
Nude Celeb Pics Wrongly Blamed For DDOS At New Zealands Largest ISP
3 hours ago from The Register
Feds Propose Strict Security Controls For ICT Suppliers
3 hours ago from iTnews
Silk Road Allegedly Taken Down By Leaky Captcha
3 hours ago from ZDNet
Hopes For Industry-led Piracy Scheme Fade
4 hours ago from iTnews
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Latest News from Research Labs
The Security Implications Of Wearables, Part 2
37 minutes ago from TrendMicro
Home Depot Hit By Same Malware As Target
6 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Dread Pirate Sunk By Leaky CAPTCHA
2 days ago from Krebsonsecurity
Nuclear Exploit Kit And Flash CVE-2014-0515
2 days ago from Zscaler
Apple IDs Targeted By Kelihos Botnet Phishing Campaign
3 days ago from Symantec
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Maltego 101: Adding Your Own Entities - HakTip
3 days ago from Hak5
Lynis V1.6.0 Released
3 days ago from ToolsWatch
Nmap V6.47 Released
3 days ago from ToolsWatch
Arachni V1.0 – Web User Interface V0.5 Released
3 days ago from ToolsWatch
WiFi Birdhouses And Linux RTL-SDR Setup - Hak5
4 days ago from Hak5
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
[Paper] Side-Channel Leaks In Web Applications: A Reality Today, A Challenge Tomorrow
12 hours ago from SecDocs
[Slides] Side-Channel Leaks In Web Applications: A Reality Today, A Challenge Tomorrow
12 hours ago from SecDocs
[local] - HTML Help Workshop 1.4 - Local Buffer Overflow Exploit (SEH)
17 hours ago from Exploit-db
[local] - BulletProof FTP Client 2010 - Buffer Overflow (SEH) Exploit
2 days ago from Exploit-db
[webapps] - MyBB User Social Networks Plugin 1.2 - Stored XSS
2 days ago from Exploit-db
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Upcoming Security Conferences
Cyber Intelligence Europe
Brussels, Belgium - Sep 22-Sep 24 2013
Infosecurity Russia 2014
Moscow, Russia - Sep 24-Sep 26 2013
Black Hat Europe
Amsterdam, Netherlands - Oct 14-Oct 17 2013
ISSE 2014
Brussels, Belgium - Oct 14-Oct 15 2013
GrrCON 2014
Michigan, USA - Oct 16-Oct 17 2013
X.25 Ethical Hacking Conference
Mexico - Oct 17-Oct 19 2013
SecTor - Canada`s Premier IT Security Conference
Toronto, Canada - Oct 20-Oct 22 2013
T2 Infosec Conference
Helsinki, Finland - Oct 23-Oct 24 2013
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