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Popular Security News
OnePlus 6T: Every Detail And Rumor So Far - CNET
46 hours ago from CNET News
Itll definitely have an in-display fingerprint scanner -- and we know lots more.
Midas Share Tips: Osirium - The Firm That Helps Save Hospitals From Hack Attack
31 hours ago from Topix
Last week, the National Cyber Security Centre warned that the UK faces a major, life-threatening cyber-attack in the near future. A Government agency, the Centre advises companies on how to avoid security threats.
In Our Opinion: We Arent As Prepared For Cyberattacks As We Need To Be
43 hours ago from Topix
A threat monitoring dashboard displays cyber traffic coming to the United States in the Utah Cyber Center at the State Office Building in Salt Lake City on Thursday, Oct. 11, 2018. Law enforcement agencies are warning about the prevalence...
Apple Boss Demands Bloomberg Super Micro U-turn, Russian Troll Charged, NSA Hands Out Cash, And More
2 days ago from The Register
Plus, hackers find a safe haven in West Haven Roundup  After we encountered a libssh security blunder, a leaky Tea Party, and a dodgy Redmond sports marketer, another week is in the book.…
IPhone XR Early Presale Demand And The Next Apple Event Is October 30th - CNET
45 hours ago from CNET News
Which iPhone XR models are showing shipment delays and what were expecting at Apples next launch event. Catch up on all your iPhone news for the week.
'Compelling Evidence' Points To Saudi Prince In Khashoggi Death, Says Ex-MI6 Chief
34 hours ago from Yahoo News
The former head of Britain's foreign intelligence service MI6 believes very
Twitter Employee May Have Spied On Users For Saudis, Says Report - CNET
29 hours ago from CNET News
Intelligence officials alerted the social network in 2015, and it fired the worker, reports The New York Times.
Vendors Confirm Products Affected By Libssh Bug As PoC Code Pops Up On GitHub
43 hours ago from ZDNet
Red Hat and F5 Networks acknowledge that some products are vulnerable to the libssh authentication bug.
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Latest Security News
Maker Of LuminosityLink RAT Gets 30 Months In The Clink
5 minutes ago from Naked Security
Prosecutors said that the 21-year-old LuminosityLink author had no respect for the law and showed contempt for moral rules and social norms.
Top Vehicle Hacking Examples (in Pictures)
an hour ago from ZDNet
Researchers have demonstrated everything from running cars off the road to remotely controlling your brakes.
The Most Interesting Internet-connected Vehicle Hacks On Record
an hour ago from ZDNet
As researchers turn their attention to vehicles, weve seen everything from sending drivers into a ditch to brakes which suddenly wont work.
How To Export PDF Files From Acrobat To PowerPoint, And PowerPoint To Acrobat
2 hours ago from PCWorld
You have just a few choices when working with PDFs and Microsoft PowerPoint compared to everything you can do with PDFs in Microsoft Word. You cannot import PDFs from Adobe Acrobat directly into PowerPoint 2016. However, you can export...
How To Edit PDFs In Microsoft Word
2 hours ago from PCWorld
Working with PDFs has become as common as working with Word docs, but to get the full editing capabilities in Adobe Acrobat you must shell out $449 for the desktop Pro 2017 version, or almost $180 per year for a Pro DC subscription. While...
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Latest News from Research Labs
SettingContent-ms Can Be Abused To Drop Complex DeepLink And Icon-based Payload
3 days ago from TrendMicro
Microsoft’s SettingContent-ms has become a recent topic of interest. In July, we saw one spam campaign use malicious SettingContent-ms files embedded in a PDF to drop the remote access Trojan FlawedAmmyy, a RAT also used by the Necurs...
Scams And Flaws: Why We Get Duped
3 days ago from ESET Research
What are the emotional triggers and errors in judgment that make you fall for an online scam? The post Scams and flaws: Why we get duped appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
CISO Series: Building A Security-minded Culture Starts With Talking To Business Managers
4 days ago from Microsoft
Protecting the company and its users against data leaks is no longer just the responsibility of IT and security operations. Everyone from the board to Firstline Workers has an important role to play. The post CISO series: Building a security-minded...
Tumblr Patches Bug That Could Have Exposed User Data
4 days ago from ESET Research
The microblogging platform is assuring its users that has found no evidence that any data was actually stolen The post Tumblr patches bug that could have exposed user data appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
VestaCP Compromised In A New Supply Chain Attack
4 days ago from ESET Research
Customer see their admin credentials stolen & their servers infected with Linux/ChachaDDoS The post VestaCP compromised in a new supply chain attack appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Black Hat Arsenal Europe 2018 Lineup Announced
26 days ago from ToolsWatch
After days of reviewing the hundreds of submitted tools, ToolsWatch and Black Hat teams selected 50 tools. They will be demonstrated over 2 days the 5th and 6th of December 2018 at the Excel London...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
HITB Armory – Call For Tools Is OPEN! (Dubai, UAE)
one month ago from ToolsWatch
Were pleased to announce the first ever HackInTheBox Armory! The HITB Armory is where you can showcase your security tools to the world. You will get 30 minutes to present your tools onstage,...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
Blackhat Arsenal Europe 2018 CFT Open
2 months ago from ToolsWatch
The Black Hat Arsenal team is heading to London with the very same goal: give hackers security researchers the opportunity to demo their newest and latest code. The Arsenal tool demo area is...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my...
Recon Village @ DEFCON 2018 (Hackathon)
3 months ago from ToolsWatch
ToolsWatch likes open source tools, for that reason we will participate in the Recon Village @ DEF CON 2018 as part of jury. Maxi Soler will be there 🙂 Recon Village is an Open Space with Talks,...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
Black Hat Arsenal USA 2018 The “w0w” Lineup !!
5 months ago from ToolsWatch
Just woow. Finally after few days of reviewing, selecting, unselecting, doubting, screaming and re-reviewing. The Blackhat  ToolsWatch team released the selected tools for the USA...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
[dos] Modbus Poll 7.2.2 - Denial Of Service (PoC)
2 hours ago from Exploit-db
Modbus Poll 7.2.2 - Denial of Service (PoC)
[webapps] MySQL Edit Table 1.0 - Id SQL Injection
2 hours ago from Exploit-db
MySQL Edit Table 1.0 - id SQL Injection
10 Proven Security Awareness Tips To Implement Now
3 days ago from InfoSec
The post 10 Proven Security Awareness Tips to Implement Now appeared first on InfoSec Resources. 10 Proven Security Awareness Tips to Implement Now was first posted on October 19, 2018 at 2:52...Go on to the site to read the full...
Armed Services, Social Engineering And Sensationalist Reporting — CyberSpeak Podcast
3 days ago from InfoSec
Michel Huffaker, director of threat intelligence at ThreatQuotient, chats with Chris Sienko about cybersecurity issues facing the armed services, recent issues in the news and her thoughts on sensationalized security reporting. Learn more...
[webapps] OwnTicket 1.0 - TicketID SQL Injection
4 days ago from Exploit-db
OwnTicket 1.0 - TicketID SQL Injection
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