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Popular Security News
Trustjacking Exploit Abuses ITunes Feature To Spy On IOS Devices
40 hours ago from PacketStormSecurity
Trustjacking Exploit Abuses iTunes Feature To Spy On iOS Devices
Teen Who Hacked Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Gets 2 Years In Prison
40 hours ago from PacketStormSecurity
Teen Who Hacked Ex-CIA Director John Brennan Gets 2 Years In Prison
British Teen Hacker Who Rocked Top US Intelligence Officials Jailed For Cyber Terrorism
35 hours ago from Topix
A British teenager who rocked the US intelligence community in a campaign of "cyber terrorism" has been jailed for up for two years. Between June 2015 and February 2016, he hacked email and phone accounts, accessing "extremely sensitive"...
Facebooks New Data Policy: Answers To Your Privacy Questions - CNET
39 hours ago from CNET News
We read through it since you probably wont.
Apple Is Now Replacing Batteries For Cheaper MacBook Pro Laptops - CNET
36 hours ago from CNET News
Certain MacBook Pro laptops without the Touch Bar are eligible.
NDZ Blames Hackers After Tweet Claiming DA Plot In North West Chaos
31 hours ago from Topix
Minister in the Presidency, Dr Nkosazana Dlamini-Zuma, has distanced herself from a tweet on her official Twitter account that accused Democratic Alliance members of bribing individuals to cause chaos in the North West province. The tweet,...
At Least 5 Dead In Violent Clashes In Nicaragua Over Social Security Changes
40 hours ago from Yahoo News
Four young protesters and a police officer were killed in increasingly violent
Surge In Anonymous Asia Twitter Accounts Sparks Bot Fears
24 hours ago from SecurityWeek
Hong Kong - It has been jokingly referred to as "Botmageddon". But a surge in new, anonymous Twitter accounts across swathes of Southeast and East Asia has deepened fears the region is in the throes of US-style mass social media manipulation....
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Latest Security News
SunTrust Banks Ex-employee May Have Stolen 1.5 Million Customer Records
7 minutes ago from ZDNet
The former staff member is suspected of stealing customer data belonging to the financial company.
Single Single-sign-on SNAFU Threatens Three Cisco Products
40 minutes ago from The Register
Firepower, AnyConnect and ASA appliances and clients need patches Cisco has announced a suite of patches against a bug in its Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) implementation.…
Zelle, The Banks Answer To Venmo, Proves Vulnerable To Fraud
44 minutes ago from Topix
Zelle, a service that allows bank customers to instantly send money to their acquaintances, is booming. Thousands of new users sign up every day.
Twitter Bans Ads From Kaspersky Lab
an hour ago from SecurityWeek
Twitter Cites DHS Order in Kaspersky Ads Ban Twitter no longer allows Russia-based cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab to advertise on the platform and the reason appears to be related to the company’s alleged ties to Russian intelligence. read...
Westworlds Season 2 Premiere Just Confirmed Some Major Fan Theories - CNET
an hour ago from CNET News
Thankfully, season two gave fans some answers right away. Spoilers, spoilers everywhere.
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Latest News from Research Labs
Teaming Up In The War On Tech Support Scams
3 days ago from Microsoft
(Editors note: Erik Wahlstrom spoke about the far-reaching impact of tech support scams and the need for industry-wide cooperation in his RSA Conference 2018 talk Tech Scams: Its Time to Release the Hounds.) Social engineering attacks...
RSA 2018: IoT Security Comes Of Age
3 days ago from ESET Research
IoT security may have finally turned the corner towards a more secure future. The post RSA 2018: IoT security comes of age appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Is Facebook’s Anti-Abuse System Broken?
3 days ago from Krebsonsecurity
Facebook has built some of the most advanced algorithms for tracking users, but when it comes to acting on user abuse reports about Facebook groups and content that clearly violate the companys "community standards," the social media giants...
What’s The Deal With Session-replay Scripts?
3 days ago from ESET Research
Some aspects of online tracking go beyond just website analytics The post What’s the deal with session-replay scripts? appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
XLoader Android Spyware And Banking Trojan Distributed Via DNS Spoofing
3 days ago from TrendMicro
We have been detecting a new wave of network attacks since early March, which, for now, are targeting Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong. The attacks use Domain Name System (DNS) cache poisoning/DNS spoofing, possibly through infringement...
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
How Secure Is Internet Traffic? - Hak5 2405
5 days ago from Hak5
How secure is Internet traffic? TL;DR - not great, but it’s getting better. In this Hak5 video we explore the spectrum of security and how encryption on the Internet came to be the way it is today. Interested in information security?...
The WiFi Cactus - Hacking Wireless With Zero Channel Hopping! - Hak5 2404
5 days ago from Hak5
D4rkm4tter joins us to talk about updates to his hacker project, the #wificactus ! https://twitter.com/d4rkm4tter  http://palshack.org/  https://www.patreon.com/kismetwireless  —–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop...
Purplemet Online Tool To Detect WebApp Technologies
6 days ago from ToolsWatch
Purplemet Security provides you an efficient and fast way to detect technologies used on web application as well their versions. It comes with 3 main features : Real-time Purplemet technology...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit...
Fast And Easy Free VPN From Google - The Open Source OUTLINE - Hak5 2403
6 days ago from Hak5
Outline - the new free open source VPN from Google. Is it any good? We find out today on Hak5! https://getoutline.org/en/home  https://hak5.org/oakland  —–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop...
New Studio Tour - Hak5 2402
7 days ago from Hak5
Thirsty? Hak5 Happy Hour and Capture the Cocktail packet sniffing drinking game Thursday, March 29. https://hak5.org/oakland  —–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop → http://www.hakshop.com Subscribe...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
CISSP: Development Environment Security Controls
2 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction Cloud computing and mobile applications are radically changing the way we do business. Enterprises are building applications more rapidly than ever before, often using Agile development...Go on to the site to read the full...
How To Become CISA Certified – Certification Requirements
3 days ago from InfoSec
Introduction CISA certification is designed for professionals who want to showcase their knowledge and experience in information system (IS) control, assurance and security. This certification by...Go on to the site to read the full...
[webapps] Cobub Razor 0.8.0 - Physical Path Leakage
3 days ago from Exploit-db
Cobub Razor 0.8.0 - Physical path Leakage
Inspeckage: Dynamic Assessment Tool For Android
4 days ago from InfoSec
If you are pen-testing Android applications, you will need to monitor/check many things at the same time. While doing dynamic analysis, one must take care of all communication, local storage, logs,...Go on to the site to read the full...
Maintaining Your CISA Certification: Renewal Requirements
5 days ago from InfoSec
ISACA’s Certified Information System Auditor (CISA) certification is a high-level IS audit credential that is considered, both by individuals and organizations, the preferred certification program...Go on to the site to read the full...
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