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Popular Security News
Hackers Demand Dosh To Not Leak Stolen Canadian Patient, Staff Records
39 hours ago from The Register
Thieves turns to media for help blackmail, er, compensation for their, uh, research Hackers say they will leak patient and employee records stolen from a Canadian healthcare provider unless they are paid off.…
Facebook Will Take Down Fake News That Leads To Violence - CNET
34 hours ago from CNET News
The social network has been accused of helping to spur violence in Myanmar, Sri Lanka and India.
A Woman From New Jersey Charged With Hacking Selena Gomezs Photos
32 hours ago from Topix
Susan Atrach, a 21-year-old woman from New Jersey, was accused of hacking into Selena Gomezs email accounts. The young hacker managed to steal the pop stars personal photos and spread them throughout the Web.
Trends In Malware – Ransomware, Cryptojacking, What Next? [PODCAST]
24 hours ago from Naked Security
Catch up with Day 3 of our Security SOS Week - heres the third episode of our week-long online security summit.
Bye Siri, Says Apple AIs Last Remaining Founder - CNET
29 hours ago from CNET News
Hey Siri, your dads gone.
Google Hit With Reported Record $5 Billion EU Fine Over Android Antitrust Practices - CNET
2 days ago from CNET News
Never mind the money, big changes to Android could be on the way.
Beyond Honeypots: HADES Tricks Hackers Into Giving Up Their Secrets
2 days ago from Topix
Researchers at Sandia National Laboratories have put a new twist on honeypots -- isolated networks designed to attract and trap hackers -- by creating an entire virtual environment that tricks hackers into sticking around so their actions...
PayPals Pal Venmo Spaffs Your Pals Payments - And Yours
2 days ago from The Register
200 million transactions visible to all, inc. the inside dope on a cannabis sellers annual sales PayPal-owned digital wallet Venmo shares way too much data via its public API, according to Berlin-based researcher Hang Do Thi Duc.…
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Latest Security News
Privacy – Can You Have Too Much Of A Good Thing? [PODCAST]
19 minutes ago from Naked Security
Catch up with Day 4 of our Security SOS Week - heres the fourth episode of our week-long online security summit.
Either My Name, My Password Or My Soul Is Invalid – But Which?
41 minutes ago from The Register
Devising complex new passwords is character-building Something for the Weekend, Sir?  Try as I might, it wont go in.…
Panasonic Supplier May Have Used Cuban Cobalt In Tesla Batteries - Roadshow
an hour ago from CNET News
Thanks to a somewhat shady Canadian supplier, Panasonic may have violated long-standing trade statutes prohibiting using Cuba-sourced materials.
Comic-Con 2018: Sideshow Collectibles Star Wars, Marvel And Movie Statues - CNET
an hour ago from CNET News
High-end statues that include so much detail.
Move Over A380, The Airlander Would Be True Inflight Luxury - CNET
an hour ago from CNET News
One of the biggest and most unusual things ever to fly is promising cruise ship-like interiors that could take passengers on scenic excursion flights.
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Latest News from Research Labs
Human Resources Firm ComplyRight Breached
13 hours ago from Krebsonsecurity
Cloud-based human resources company ComplyRight said this week that a security breach of its Web site may have jeopardized sensitive consumer information -- including names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses and Social Security...
Google Slapped With €4.34bn Fine By EU Over Antitrust Violations
20 hours ago from ESET Research
Tech giant has 90 days to comply with ruling or faces further penalties over ‘anti-competitive’ practices The post Google slapped with €4.34bn fine by EU over antitrust violations appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
British Airways Cancelled Flights At Heathrow After ‘IT System Issue’
24 hours ago from ESET Research
Thousands of British Airways passengers left stranded at Heathrow airport following incident The post British Airways cancelled flights at Heathrow after ‘IT system issue appeared first on WeLiveSecurity
Jumpstart Your Microsoft Graph Security API Integration With The New JavaScript Sample App
42 hours ago from Microsoft
We just launched a new JavaScript sample that provides ready-to-run code to make it easier than ever for developers to get started using the security API in Microsoft Graph.
Enable Your Users To Work Securely From Anywhere, Anytime, Across All Of Their Devices
42 hours ago from Microsoft
This blog is part of a series that responds to common questions we receive from customers about deployment of Microsoft 365 Security solutions. In this series youll find context, answers, and guidance for deployment and driving adoption...
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Latest Security Videos & Podcasts
Black Hat Arsenal USA 2018 The “w0w” Lineup !!
2 months ago from ToolsWatch
Just woow. Finally after few days of reviewing, selecting, unselecting, doubting, screaming and re-reviewing. The Blackhat  ToolsWatch team released the selected tools for the USA...[[ This is a content summary only. Visit my website...
Nefarious USB Cables - Hak5 2408
2 months ago from Hak5
MG joins us again on Hak5 to discuss nefarious USB cables, and how he implemented similar functionality to Mr. Self Destruct in a USB cable. Follow MG’s work on twitter: https://www.twitter.com/_MG_ http://www.mg.lol  —–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop...
Exploding USB Drives - Hak5 2407
3 months ago from Hak5
—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop → http://www.hakshop.com Subscribe → http://www.youtube.com/hak5 RSS Feeds → https://www.hak5.org/subscribe Support → http://www.patreon.com/threatwire  Amazon...
Can DNS Speed Up Your Internet Connection? - Hak5 2406
3 months ago from Hak5
—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆—–☆Shop → http://www.hakshop.comSubscribe → http://www.youtube.com/hak5RSS Feeds → https://www.hak5.org/subscribeSupport → http://www.patreon.com/threatwireAmazon...
How Secure Is Internet Traffic? - Hak5 2405
3 months ago from Hak5
How secure is Internet traffic? TL;DR - not great, but it’s getting better. In this Hak5 video we explore the spectrum of security and how encryption on the Internet came to be the way it is today. Interested in information security?...
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Latest Security Papers & Presentations
AWS Cloud Security For Beginners — Part 2
12 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction In the previous part of this series, we set up our free-tier account and then configured AWS CLI. In this article, we will discuss S3 buckets and the security concepts associated with...Go on to the site to read the full...
How Much Does A Data Breach Cost? Reading The 2018 Cost Of A Data Breach Study
12 hours ago from InfoSec
How much does a data breach cost? It isnt a simple question, but the answer is the only way to transmit the urgency of the situation to C-level executives. The 2018 Cost of a Data Breach...Go on to the site to read the full article
AWS Cloud Security For Beginners — Part 1
12 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction Cloud computing has gained enormous attention during the past few years, and a lot of companies are shifting their infrastructure into the cloud environments. With most of the cloud...Go on to the site to read the full...
Threat Hunting Vs. SIEM
12 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction To reduce attack surfaces and improve one’s cybersecurity posture, organizations can adopt two stances: a reactive approach and a proactive approach. The reactive approach involves...Go on to the site to read the full...
Threat Hunting As An Active Defense
13 hours ago from InfoSec
Introduction The current reality is that numerous organizations don’t realize hackers have already compromised their systems. Today, enterprises routinely fail to detect attacks in an effective and...Go on to the site to read the full...
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